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Human Impact on the Environment
((PKG))  HUMAN IMPACT ((Banner:  Human Impact)) ((Reporter/Camera:  Elizabeth Lee)) ((Adapted by:  Philip Alexiou)) ((Map:  Los Angeles, California)) ((NATS)) ((FARMER)) See, there isn’t even any moisture. ((BILL PATZERT, NASA JET PROPULSION LABORATORY)) Well, the earth’s climate has been changing over millions of years, but we’ve never seen this much change over a hundred years.  So, we’re living in a warmer world.  We’re living in a melting world.   We’re living in a world where sea levels are rising.   ((RICHARD SOMERVILLE, SCRIPPS INSTITUTE OF OCEANOGRAPHY)) The fact is that the warming we are seeing now in recent decades is human caused.  It’s not natural.  If it weren’t for human activities, the world under natural causes like changes in the sun and volcanoes, would have actually cooled slightly in recent decades and yet it’s been warming.   And the warming is due to human activities primarily through carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases and particles that mankind has put into the atmosphere.  We’re using the atmosphere as a free dump for the waste products from an energy system based on coal and oil and natural gas and that is causing the planet to warm up.  We’re quite sure of that.  ((NATS)) ((BILL PATZERT, NASA JET PROPULSION LABORATORY)) And so the thing that worries me the most is not the next thousand years or the next ice age, but the next hundred years. ((NATS))  

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