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Trump complained about the US dollar's strength throughout 2019 — but these 8 major currencies were even stronger - 1 Day
Hisayoshi Harasawa earns heavyweight gold as Japan tops World Judo Masters medal tally - 1 Day
Examining the humorous side of online shopping in Japan - 1 Day
There are profitless companies far beyond Silicon Valley. One market expert explains how they're a lethal factor setting the market up for a meltdown. - 1 Day
California Governor Rejects $13.5 Billion PG&E Settlement - 1 Day
NBA G League add Mexico City team - 1 Day
Divers in New Zealand Search for Bodies After Volcano Eruption - 1 Day
Phase one trade deal with China gets tepid reception in U.S. - 1 Day
Indian Stock Market Outlook by SAMCO - 1 Day
Former Olympic 400-meter hurdles champion Kevin Young hurt in bus crash in Wales - 1 Day
Indian Stock Market Outlook by Epic Research - 1 Day
Trade deal removes major hurdle for rally in Apple and tech - 1 Day
How Labour’s Working-Class Vote Crumbled and Its Nemesis Won the North - 1 Day
Japan’s Hoya to launch $1.4 billion counter-bid for Toshiba unit NuFlare - 1 Day
Tax grants slashed again for donation-enriched Izumisano - 1 Day
Japan’s Abe planning to cancel trip to India over security fears: media - 1 Day
Citi, Credit Suisse drop China’s Ucommune US IPO over valuation sources - 1 Day
US offers to cancel December 15 tariffs on Chinese goods: WSJ - 1 Day
Fashion house Prada appoints L’Oreal to run its luxury beauty products amid sales decline in China - 1 Day
Trade war: US and China said to agree on ‘phase one’ deal, with new US tariffs set aside - 1 Day
Trump approves US-China trade deal to halt December 15 tariffs - 1 Day
China’s foreign minister says at symposium the US has successively angered and suppressed China - 1 Day
US on verge of landmark China trade deal: Trump - 1 Day
Drivers and passengers have lucky escape after hole swallows cars in southeast China - 1 Day
China’s top diplomat blames US ‘paranoia’ as ties unravel - 1 Day
Oil prices hit highest in three months as US-China trade deal takes shape - 1 Day
China coy on ‘BIG’ trade deal announced by Trump - 1 Day
US, China strike partial trade deal that cuts tariffs - 1 Day
Hundreds of Chinese scammers hauled to court - 1 Day
China’s actions ‘not in accord with US values of science ethics’, report says - 1 Day
China leaders promise to shore up 2020 growth amid trade war - 1 Day
Senior China diplomat says US seriously damaged hard-won mutual trust - 1 Day
US, China agree to reduce tariffs, delay duties scheduled for December 15: source - 1 Day
US and China near deal that would suspend planned tariffs - 1 Day
China’s bitcoin miners have greater production power: research - 1 Day
China reaffirms any trade deal must be ‘mutually beneficial’ - 1 Day
China ramps up campaign to redefine ‘human rights’ - 1 Day
Delivery Hero orders up Korea’s Woowa for $4 billion in world’s biggest food app deal - 1 Day
Malaysia seizes Vietnamese oil tanker that was tracked in N Korea - 1 Day
Korea finds some liquid e-cigarette products have ingredient linked to lung illness - 1 Day
Malaysian court approves N. Korean’s extradition to US - 1 Day
N Korea berates US for criticising its missile tests - 1 Day
S. Korean prosecution unit appeals against actor Kang Ji-hwan’s suspended sentence for rape - 1 Day
Japan, S. Korea foreign ministers to meet next week in Madrid - 1 Day
Ministry of Health considers reforming Taiwan’s health insurance programme - 1 Day
Hearts ‘linked as one’ as Taiwan welcomes tiny Nauru amid China tussle - 1 Day
Tsai welcomes Nauru president to Taiwan, discusses closer ties - 1 Day
Taiwan bans pork from Indonesia after African swine fever outbreak - 1 Day
Taiwan, Germany sign agreement on promoting transitional justice - 1 Day
Taiwan says will give HK people help if needed - 1 Day
HK students stood third in English proficiency in Asia in 2018, IELTS rankings reveal - 1 Day
‘Christmas has come early’: Japan and HK soar more than 2.5pct amid trade optimism - 1 Day
Beijing’s legal influence triggers disquiet in HK financial sector - 1 Day
HK protesters mark six months since pivotal clash with police - 1 Day
Almost HK$1 billion spent on police overtime pay since HK protests broke out in June - 1 Day
Refinitiv created filter to block Reuters stories amid HK protests - 1 Day
Man found guilty of murder in HK body-in-cement case while two co-defendants convicted of manslaughter - 1 Day
A Defiant Stand for Freedom - 1 Day
Asian markets celebrate early Christmas on trade, Brexit optimism - 1 Day
Tuvalu voices support for Taiwan at UN climate change conference - 1 Day
Indigenous Groups Rally to Protect Latin America's Threatened Forests - 1 Day
UBS says 4 areas will dominate the market throughout the 2020s as big tech's blockbuster decade comes to an end. Here's how to invest in each. - 1 Day
Wall Street steadies as tech stocks gain on limited trade deal - 2 Days
We just got a stark warning that the US economy is slowing as trade tensions persist - 2 Days
General election 2019: Pound and shares surge - 2 Days
Wall St. rises as China, U.S. agree on context of trade deal - 2 Days
U.S. business inventories rebound in October - 2 Days
On the Frontier, the Lubumbashi Biennial Makes Art From Obstacles - 2 Days
Wall Street flat with all eyes on China news briefing - 2 Days
U.S. chipmaker Nvidia offers no concessions to EU to ease through $6.8 billion Mellanox deal - 2 Days
U.S. import prices rebound; underlying trend remains weak - 2 Days
Soichi Hashimoto and Nami Nabekura grab gold at World Judo Masters - 2 Days
Soichi Hashimoto, Nami Nabekura grab gold at World Judo Masters - 2 Days
Shares and sterling leap on trade and Brexit boosts - 2 Days
Nao Kodaira wins in Nagano to capture 30th World Cup gold - 2 Days
Shares and sterling soar as trade and Brexit fog lifts - 2 Days
令 chosen as kanji character best representing 2019 - 2 Days
EU carbon neutrality: Leaders agree 2050 target without Poland - 2 Days
Dollar shoots up to ¥109.60 in Tokyo trading on U.S.-China rumors and U.K. election - 2 Days
Dollar shots up to ¥109.60 in Tokyo trading on U.S.-China rumors, U.K. election - 2 Days
Global stocks and the pound soar as euphoric traders cheer progress towards a US-China trade deal and a landslide UK election result - 2 Days
Global stocks and the pound soar as euphoric traders cheer a US-China trade deal and a landslide UK election result - 2 Days
Russia Raises Concerns Over new US Ballistic Missile Test - 2 Days
Nikkei hits 14-month high; Value stocks jump on trade deal bets - 2 Days
Toshiba prepares for early return to Tokyo Stock Exchange’s first section - 2 Days
Trump 'signs off' on deal to pause US-China trade war - 2 Days
Goldsmith loses Richmond Park to Lib Dems - 2 Days
Business Briefs 13 December 2019 - 2 Days
Police report arson attacks, vandalism overnight in HK - 2 Days
Trump 'signs off' on deal to pause US-China trade war - 2 Days
Asian stocks see brighter world as trade, UK clouds lift - 2 Days
Caviar ‘queen’: Chinese roe reigns around the world - 2 Days
Chinese businesses boost self-reliance as trade war rolls on - 2 Days
Two of China’s largest tech firms are uniting to create a new ‘domestic OS’ - 2 Days
China retaliatory tariffs cost billions in lost consumption: study - 2 Days
Tencent said to invest $2 billion in short-video app Kuaishou as competition heats up with ByteDance - 2 Days
China, Japan must rebuild trust after detention of ‘spy’ Nobu Iwatani, Japanese official says - 2 Days
Christian Whiton: Trump should cancel China trade deal (and raise tariffs)Here’s why - 2 Days
Exclusive: Protest-free Macau to win financial policy rewards from China - 2 Days
Massachusetts hand-dryer maker gets helping hand from US-China trade war - 2 Days
Canada parliament votes for committee to probe China relations in defeat for Trudeau - 2 Days
China steps in as Zambia runs out of loan options - 2 Days
China doesn’t need World Bank’s loans, just as Trump says - 2 Days
Top Chinese university sacks academic accused of dating string of students at the same time - 2 Days
High-stakes White House meeting expected Thursday to debate US-China tariffs: sources - 2 Days
US-China trade war to weigh less on Asian economies in 2020, company earnings to drive markets, CLSA says - 2 Days
United States blocks a probe of crimes against humanity in N Korea - 2 Days
Banks allowed to sell high-risk ELTs - 2 Days
N Korea says ready to respond to any corresponding measure that US chooses - 2 Days
Autonomy drives Kakao Bank’s innovation - 2 Days
Seoul proposes to buy $1 billion of US weapons - 2 Days
23,000 N Korea workers sent back home as UN deadline looms - 2 Days
Foreigners’ selling of emerging market stocks highest in S. Korea - 2 Days
US tells UN it is ready to be flexible in N Korea talks, warns against provocations - 2 Days
US warns N Korea of consequences for ‘Christmas gift’ - 2 Days
Korea, Japan foreign ministers may meet - 2 Days
N Korean hackers are working with Eastern European cybercriminals: report - 2 Days
Samsung halts planning for 2020 amid legal risks - 2 Days
Seoul, Tokyo seek ‘exit strategy’ over trade row - 2 Days
China’s UN envoy says ‘imperative’ Security Council ease sanctions on N Korea - 2 Days
S. Korea’s employment rate hits all-time high in November - 2 Days
Fukushima clean-up reduces radiation levels, but not all - 2 Days
China to unify oolong tea standards with Taiwan - 2 Days
Taiwan takes three-pronged approach to boost financial competitiveness - 2 Days
Former AIT chair analyses 2020 Taiwan presidential election - 2 Days
Taiwan probes massive visa scams involving Chinese visitors - 2 Days
Tuvalu voices support for Taiwan at UN climate change conference - 2 Days
Taiwan CDC denies shortage of government-funded flu vaccine - 2 Days
Taiwan democracy an inspiration: American foundation - 2 Days
Taiwan-China relations to decline regardless of election outcome: US analyst - 2 Days
Taiwan’s Far Eastern Air Transport suspends all flights from December13 - 2 Days
Taiwan tycoon’s son rejected as chair of Nan Shan Life Insurance - 2 Days
HK protests: health care activists rally at Edinburgh Place to threaten government with strikes from new trade unions - 2 Days
HK stocks enjoy best gains in nearly three weeks as Tencent rises to three-month high - 2 Days
Passengers evacuated after ‘rioters’ hurl petrol bombs at HK MTR station - 2 Days
‘Shameless’ HK activist Avery Ng slammed by judge for dragging out appeal against jail sentence for divulging details of probe into ex-government official - 2 Days
Unions band together to challenge lawmakers’ bid to deny HK police a pay raise - 2 Days
Most Asia markets up on Fed forecasts, pound in view as UK votes - 2 Days
Asian shares mixed as Fed leaves rates unchanged - 2 Days
US congressman urges public to snub China by buying made-in-Taiwan products - 2 Days
The pound is soaring after UK election exit polls show Boris Johnson's Conservative party won a big majority - 2 Days
Wall Street rallies to records on reported China trade deal - 2 Days
Trump says US and China 'very close' to trade deal - 2 Days
Wall Street touches record high on trade optimism - 3 Days
BANK OF AMERICA: WeWork and other IPO disasters could start a domino effect that sends US stocks tumbling. Here's how. - 3 Days
GOLDMAN SACHS: These 20 unloved stocks are spring-loaded for surprisingly big gains in 2020 - 3 Days
iPhones could get $150 more expensive for Apple if Trump's tariffs go into effect Sunday - 3 Days
UN: Targeted Killings Continue Against Iraq Protesters - 3 Days
U.S. producer prices tepid; jobless claims at more than two-year high - 3 Days
A Museum Devoted to Geological Treasures Opens in Maine - 3 Days
Tesla's top lawyer is reportedly out for the third time in one year — here are all the key names who have departed in the past year (TSLA) - 3 Days
U.S. producer prices flat; jobless claims at more than two-year high - 3 Days
Israelis Gird for Unprecedented Third Election in a Year - 3 Days
Chevron will absorb a nearly $11 billion writedown this quarter — and it could weigh on the entire stock market (CVX) - 3 Days
Global stocks test record highs, pound braces for election all-nighter - 3 Days
Short gold, hedge the US election, and buy equities — here are JPMorgan's top trading themes for 2020 - 3 Days
Goldman Sachs employees want to cancel a Nikki Haley interview after her Confederate flag comments - 3 Days
Israel will hold unprecedented third election in a year - 3 Days
Dollar slightly easier around ¥108.60 in late Tokyo trade - 3 Days
Wilfred Bungei: Ex-Olympic champion hopes his battle with alcoholism will inspire others - 3 Days
Japan energy panel calls for national effort to secure oil and rare metal reserves - 3 Days
At Madrid climate talks, Japan’s Shinjiro Koizumi confronts critics over coal - 3 Days
Japan’s ruling bloc OKs fiscal 2020 tax reforms to boost tech investment - 3 Days
Flying around NZ volcano spewing toxic gas - 3 Days
'Black Swan' index flashes yellow: Wall Street is not scared - 3 Days
Asian shares climb on dovish Fed, but Brexit hurdle looms - 3 Days
Asian shares climb on dovish Fed, but Brexit hurdle looms - 3 Days
Business Briefs 12 December 2019 - 3 Days
Asian shares rise as Fed cheer offsets trade, UK angst - 3 Days
Experts quit HK police probe, in blow to government - 3 Days
The US-China telecoms battle will hurt 5G roll-out and technological innovation, experts say - 3 Days
Trump’s December 15 China tariffs threaten a long list of Christmas favourites - 3 Days
China cuts prices for 70 more drugs after talks with pharmaceutical firms - 3 Days
Protests over arbitrary detentions as China hosts global lawyers forum - 3 Days
‘Eleventh hour’ US-China trade deal could happen before tariffs kick in Sunday, analysts say - 3 Days
China launches PR blitz to combat ‘foreign interference’ in HK - 3 Days
China imprisoned more journalists than any other country in 2019 CPJ - 3 Days
Chinese boy, 10, left by father to beg at railway station as punishment for not finishing his homework - 3 Days
‘Absolute priority’: Canada promises to push China on detentions - 3 Days
Chinese scientists raise alarm about LCD screen pollution - 3 Days
Here’s how the US-N Korea nuclear crisis could unfold before end of the year - 3 Days
Korea’s Moon to visit China for trilateral with Japan amid N Korea tension - 3 Days
Korea’s export rises 7.7 pct for first 10 days of December - 3 Days
Pompeo hopes N Korea abides by commitments - 3 Days
N Korea to declare end of dialogue with US: expert - 3 Days
Korea is the ‘most undervalued’ equity market in North Asia - 3 Days
Korea says North’s recent test was of rocket engine - 3 Days
Pompeo says hopeful N Korea will keep commitments as Pyongyang deadline looms - 3 Days
AP Interview: Taiwan may help if HK violence expands - 3 Days
Travel agencies suspected of smuggling 5,000 Chinese into Taiwan - 3 Days
Taiwanese man abandoned in Spain as teen to meet family after 38-year hiatus - 3 Days
Taiwan invites US military observers to computer war games during annual Han Kuang exercises - 3 Days
Taiwan’s Foreign minister Says It May Help if a Military Crackdown Takes Place in HK - 3 Days
Taiwanese media ‘assisting’ China’s influence campaign: US analyst - 3 Days
US congressman urges public to snub China by buying made-in-Taiwan products - 3 Days
Taiwan business associations back opposition KMT presidential candidate - 3 Days
Taiwan’s president continues to lead Han in latest poll - 3 Days
Bill asks Pentagon to form US-Taiwan cybersecurity group - 3 Days
In Niseko, HK developer banks on luxury hotels, bullet train and Richard Li to ride ski resort boom - 3 Days
New Zealand volcano: Two Hongkongers believed to be among those missing following White Island’s eruption - 3 Days
Taiwan president says not ‘using’ HK protests for election - 3 Days
Russia is Beijing’s best ally in the disinformation war against HK - 3 Days
HK reporters inspired The Life and Death of a Journalist - 3 Days
HK market gains as Xiaomi records rare rebound on new 5G phone - 3 Days
Cathay Pacific gets a helping hand as Asia Miles unveils no-expiry policy for air miles from 2020 - 3 Days
HK police offer HK$800,000 reward for information to find killer of cleaner hit by brick during clash between protesters and Sheung Shui residents - 3 Days
Overseas experts advising police watchdog on HK protests quit their jobs as disagreement over powers remains unresolved - 3 Days
Security guard fighting for his life after armed robbery at HK restaurant - 3 Days
HK’s airport authority to subsidise airline discounts on cargo charges - 3 Days
HK protests and Typhoon Mangkhut prove to be perfect storm for Ocean Park as deficit more than doubles to $72 million - 3 Days
The people sing: ‘Les Mis’ soothes, breaks HK hearts - 3 Days
HK Unrest Causes ‘Worst Ever’ Retail Decline, With Thousands Of Stores Threatened - 3 Days
Foreign experts quit HK police probe in blow to force’s credibility RTHK - 3 Days
HK’s Carrie Lam unbowed; wants ‘action’ against teachers - 3 Days
Asian markets struggle for traction as trade concerns fester - 3 Days
World shares gain on reports Trump might delay tariff hike - 3 Days
Israel will hold unprecedented third election in a year - 3 Days
At Madrid climate talks, Japan’s Shinjiro Koizumi says he’s pushing for change over coal - 3 Days
At Madrid climate talks, Japan’s Shinjiro Koizumi confronts critics over coal - 3 Days
Continental Resources says founder Hamm to step down as CEO - 3 Days
Global stocks rise after Fed keeps rates on hold; oil falls - 3 Days
NYSE files amended direct listings proposal - 3 Days
Gasoline, rents lift U.S. consumer inflation in November - 3 Days
Goldman Sachs names new head of Johannesburg office - 3 Days
Meet the top-ranked fund manager who owns only 17 stocks, with no more than one per industry. He explains his unconventional approach — and how he targets his best ideas. - 3 Days
Meet the top-ranked fund manager who only owns 17 stocks, with no more than one per industry. He explains his unconventional approach — and how he targets his best ideas. - 3 Days
U.S. consumer inflation rises; Fed seen staying pat - 3 Days
S&P 500, Nasdaq higher ahead of Fed meet; Dow hit by Boeing, Home Depot - 4 Days
PM: Sudan Cuts Troops in Yemen by Two-Thirds - 4 Days
Factbox: Failure to launch - The biggest IPO pull-outs of 2019 - 4 Days
Oil drops as U.S. data shows unexpected rise in crude stocks - 4 Days
It's getting more difficult to freely trade stocks as investing turns into an 'extreme sport' — and Bank of America warns the worst is yet to come - 4 Days
Algeria Election May Bring New Era or Continued Protests - 4 Days
'Vindication' - Saudi Arabia hails 10% debut jump in Aramco shares - 4 Days
The global chief investment strategist at $6.8 trillion BlackRock told us his 2 favorite trades to profit from a major shift that's happening as recession fears fade away - 4 Days
Dow hit by losses in Boeing, Home Depot; S&P 500, Nasdaq edge higher - 4 Days
Oil prices fall as U.S. crude stocks jump - 4 Days
S&P 500, Nasdaq open higher; Dow hit by Boeing, Home Depot - 4 Days
Israel heading towards third general election in a year - 4 Days
Nasdaq is poised to beat the New York Stock Exchange in IPOs for the first time since Facebook's disastrous 2012 offering - 4 Days
U.S. inflation firms in November; Fed seen on hold - 4 Days
S&P 500, Nasdaq set to open higher; Home Depot to pressure Dow - 4 Days
Japan energy panel calls for national effort to secure oil and rare metals reserves - 4 Days
A hedge-fund chief explains why bitcoin will top $100,000 by 2021 and grow to $500,000 over 10 years — and shares why it's 'better than gold' - 4 Days
Saudi Aramco Starts Trading, Gaining 10% And Reaching $1.8T - 4 Days
Israel Heading Toward Another Election - 4 Days
European stocks nudge down as trade deadline looms - 4 Days
Climate change: Methane pulse detected from South Sudan wetlands - 4 Days
Boost for Saudi Arabia as Aramco shares surge 10% on debut - 4 Days
'Hold your hat' if Elizabeth Warren becomes president, billionaire investor Howard Marks says - 4 Days
Timeline: Saudi Aramco's winding road to an IPO - 4 Days
European stocks slip as trade deadline looms - 4 Days
Outfielder Adam Jones agrees to two-year deal with Orix - 4 Days
Saudi Aramco shares jump 10% on stock market debut - 4 Days
Tokyo stocks drop further in thin trading - 4 Days
Aramco to become world's largest listed company -bourse - 4 Days
U.S. Army to fund rare earths plant for weapons development - 4 Days
Asian shares drift higher, pound eases on YouGov poll - 4 Days
Sony buys ‘Peter Rabbit’ production firm to bolster content business - 4 Days