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The Business Insider: The Money Game Rahul Narang's tech fund has gotten top marks for risk-adjusted returns for 2 years running. He's done it in part by focusing on stocks that other investors won't touch. (CMTFX, AAPL, AMZN, AVGO, MU, TSM)
  • Rahul Narang runs one of the best-performing tech funds over the last five years, the Columbia Global Technology Growth Fund.
  • His strategy has been to focus on the two ends of the tech market — the most and least expensive stocks; over time, both have performed better than those in the middle, he told Business Insider.
  • Narang's fund is built around three big components: companies with so-called moats; underappreciated, value stocks; and those that are capitalizing on the big themes in tech.
  • In the value area, he likes several semiconductor stocks, in part because they're likely going to benefit from some of the emerging trends.
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