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The Business Insider: The Money Game JPMorgan volatility traders raked in $700 million through June — 3 times what they brought in for all of 2019. Here's how they outpaced Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley on the hottest trade of the year.
  • Markets have produced bizarre and historic results in the first half of 2020, creating stark swings and diverging fortunes for traders.
  • That's especially true in the world of equity derivatives and the traders that bet on volatility, where some investment funds have flamed out spectacularly while many Wall Street banks have minted hundreds of millions in revenues.
  • JPMorgan Chase's flow volatility team has racked up $700 million in the first half of the year — nearly three times what it brought in last year, sources told BI.
  • A trio of French banks, on the other hand, absorbed $1.5 billion in losses earlier this spring when structured derivatives tied to corporate derivatives went up in smoke. 
  • Overall trading numbers in Q2 are expected to come in strong compared with 2019 — KBW is predicting a 15% increase year-over-year in stock trading across the big-5 US banks.
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