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The batch of companies IPOing in 2019 is the least profitable since the tech bubble, Goldman Sachs finds
  • This year's class of IPOs is expected to be the least profitable of any year since the height of the tech bubble in 1999, according to Goldman Sachs analysts.
  • Only 24% of 2019's newly tradable companies are expected to report positive net income in their first year on the market, compared to 28% in 1999, the peak of the tech boom.
  • Biotech companies make up more than a quarter of the year's IPOs so far, and none of them are expected to reach profitability over the next three years, the analysts wrote.
  • Though investors prefer positive income sooner than later, first-year profitability had "no discernible impact" of IPO outperformance for a company's first three years on the market, the analysts found.
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