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Oil declines while stocks are muted as 'all eyes are on the Fed' on rate-decision day
  • Markets on Monday morning were muted, with US futures notching down, while European stocks opened rising marginally as "all eyes are on the Fed." 
  • The sentiment across the board is that traders are waiting for the Fed's decision on a rate cut — most think that one is coming it's just how big a cut. 
  • Oil prices also slipped after falling sharply on Tuesday, but are still well above pre-strike levels. 
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  • US futures are set to open down marginally with the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all down 0.1%. 
  • Europe also opened muted, with the DAX and Euro Stoxx up 0.1%.
  • Asian stocks were a bit more mixed, with the Nikkei dropping 0.2%, the Shanghai Composite up 0.3% and the Hang Seng down 0.2%. 
  • In terms of commodities, Brent crude is down 0.3% around $64 a barrel, while WTI is down 0.4% hovering around $58.
  • Gold prices are also down 0.3%. 

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