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The 'single-best leading indicator for stocks' in recent history is predicting stock-market doom
  • Copper has been the "single-best leading indicator for stocks over the past 18 months," according to one research firm.
  • Sentiment in the copper market suggests prices should be about 7% below where they are currently trading, a Capital Economics analyst wrote. 
  • Trade-war tensions and the end of the Fed's rate-hike cycle are bad news for stocks, other experts said. 
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  • Early 2018: Copper prices disconnected from the stock market shortly before short-volatility funds imploded, leading to one of the most-violent stock-market sell-offs in history.
  • Later in 2018: Copper sold off sharply during the summer as the stock market regained its footing. Volatility returned to stocks in the fourth quarter. 
  • Early 2019: Copper rallied amid optimism surrounding a trade deal, decent corporate earnings, and better-than-expected economic data, and shortly thereafter the stock market returned to a record high. 
  • May 1: Copper rolled over and volatility soon returned to the stock market.

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