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Lyft falls to fresh low, extending its post-IPO plunge to 36% (LYFT)
  • Lyft shares hit a fresh low Monday as the stock's post-initial-public-offering rout continued.
  • Shares were trading at just below $56 apiece — 36% below where they made their debut on the Nasdaq.
  • Analysts are concerned over the company's uncertain path to profitability and an intense competitive environment dominated by its rival Uber.
  • Watch Lyft trade live.

  • At Monday's low, Lyft fell to $55.80 a share — 36% below its opening price of $87.24.
  • Lyft has now fallen 28% since it closed its first day of trading at $77.75 a share.
  • Lyft priced its IPO at $72 a share; the stock is trading 22% below that level.
  • Lyft fell below its IPO price on its second day of trading.
  • Lyft jumps more than 10% in its historic trading debut — and is now valued at $27 billion
  • Lyft pulls thousands of e-bikes from New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco streets after some riders experience 'stronger than expected braking'

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