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Here comes Goldman Sachs earnings...
  • Goldman Sachs is scheduled to report first-quarter earnings on Monday.
  • Revenue: $8.98 billion
  • Adjusted net income: $1.87 billion
  • Expenses: $6.22 billion
  • Return on equity: KBW analysts led by Brian Kleinhanzl expect average ROE of 10%.
  • Institutional client services: KBW expects $3.66 billion in revenue from trading stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.
  • Investment banking: Revenue of $1.84 billion may come from advising on mergers, and underwriting debt and equity offerings, according to KBW. 
  • Investment management: The research shop estimates $1.65 billion in revenue will come from managing money for institutions and wealthy individuals. 
  • Investing & Lending segment: Another $2 billion in revenue may come from gains in equity and debt investments, and lending activities, KBW estimates. 

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