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CRYPTO INSIDER: Meet the first blockchain religion

iceland church

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No, this isn't a joke. There is really a blockchain-based religion now. Here's what you need to know about Matt Liston, his religion called "0xΩ.", and why he refutes the claim that he's a "cryptoprophet."

Here are the current crypto prices:

Bitcoin price today crypto

And today's news: 

  • Everything you need to know about Tether, the cryptocurrency academics claim was used to manipulate bitcoin
  • Here's why Amazon could launch its own cryptocurrency
  • A little-known business at Robinhood has exploded, and now it's launching a service to go after the most serious traders
  • The FCA just sent a warning letter about cryptos
  • Cryptocurrency experts have slashed their year-end forecast for Bitcoin by more than 50%

New to Crypto Insider? Business Insider has a ton of articles to get you caught up to speed, including:

  • How to buy and sell major cryptocurrencies using Coinbase on your iPhone
  • How to buy Ripple's XRP
  • An ETF veteran who ditched Wall Street for crypto explains how bitcoin can fit into a portfolio
  • Track the price of nearly two-dozen cryptocurrencies here

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