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Australia Sunny Glass Group Ltd (NSX:AG1) Market Update - Smithfield Premises
Australia Sunny Glass Group Limited (NSX:AG1) provides the below update for its Smithfield premises.

The Company has secured a 10-year lease for its large-scale facility at Smithfield, NSW, directly with the landlord. The premises were previously leased under a sublease agreement, which has since terminated.

The Smithfield facility is one of the most specialised and comprehensive glass processing facilities in New South Wales and is also the headquarters for the Company's operations in Australia, providing the support for the glass products and glass processing division, from logistics, storage, manufacturing and distribution to administration and sales.

The Company is pleased to have secured a continuing lease agreement in respect of the premises, and key terms of the agreement are set out in the attached schedule*.

*To view the schedule, please visit:

Investor Inquiries
Ventus Aqua Limited
+61 8 9277 9197

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