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Ellis Martin Report: Latin Metals Inc. (CVE:LMS) Stakes Large Sedimentary Copper Exploration Property in Argentina
Join Ellis Martin for a conversation with Keith Henderson, President and CEO of Latin Metals Inc (CVE:LMS) (OTCMKTS:LMSQF). In this segment, we review the company the company's recent acquisition of an additional 99,000 hectares of potential high grade sedimentary copper in Argentina.

Latin Metals Inc. announces staking of the Mirador Copper project ("Mirador" or the "Property"), totaling 99,000 hectares and located within Salta Province, Argentina. The property is prospective for sediment-hosted copper deposits, and initial reconnaissance has identified outcropping mineralization with one sample grading 2.4% copper and 628ppm vanadium.

Keith Henderson, the Company's President & CEO stated, "The Mirador property was successfully acquired as part of our ongoing generative studies for sediment-hosted copper in geologically prospective areas. Our initial mapping and sampling has provided proof of concept in the form of high-grade, sediment-hosted copper mineralization in outcrop".

Mr. Henderson added, "The style of mineralization that we have discovered is exactly what we were looking for, and the project ticks a lot of boxes for Latin Metals. The project area is large, and the acquisition cost was low. Sediment-hosted copper deposits elsewhere in the world tend to be large and high-grade, so we believe that acquiring prospective belts with the right geology and potential for copper mineralization make attractive projects to farm out to larger mining companies, in line with our business model."

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