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Loyal Lithium Limited (ASX:LLI) Advances Exploration at Large Scale Trieste Lithium Project
Loyal Lithium Limited (ASX:LLI) is pleased to announce that the high resolution historical satellite data (multi-spectral) correlates with the known mapped pegmatites and therefore can be used as an efficient and cost-effective tool to refine field program targets at the Trieste Lithium Project ("Project"). Loyal Lithium has subsequently engaged Geospatial Intelligence Ltd to conduct more complex derivations of satellite borne data across the Trieste Lithium Project to streamline its method of refining targets for the inaugural field program in the Canadian spring 2023.

Loyal Lithium CEO, Mr Adam Ritchie, commented:

"Hard rock lithium exploration typically starts with an outcrop - identified via satellite photograph and verified by in-field geologists. With the help of our partners at Geospatial Intelligence we plan to take the use of satellite imagery data to the next level and streamline this time consuming and costly process."

"Trieste is a huge strategic land holding with many highly prospective targets. Therefore, the deployment of technology to refine targets and reduce the physical work in-field is paramount. I strongly support and encourage our exploration team to utilise technology solutions where possible to advance and accelerate our mission, and I look forward to expanding the use of proven technologies to our other assets."

The 100% owned Trieste Lithium Project is a large-scale lithium Project located 14km east of Winsome Resources' (ASX:WR1) Adina Lithium Project drill hole that recently recorded a significant Lithium mineralised intercept of 1.34% over 107.6m. Loyal Lithium acquired the Trieste Lithium Project in October 2022 - prior to the recent drill campaign results at the Adina Lithium Project.

Loyal Lithium is the largest land holder within the highly prospective Trieste Greenstone Belt. The Trieste Lithium Project covers 251 km2, which is 8.6 times larger than Winsome Resources' (ASX:WR1) Adina Lithium Project. The project area includes a 39 km long contact zone in the Trieste Greenstone Belt with a significant amount of historical data. Although the Project hasn't ever previously been explored for lithium, it does contain an anomalous historical lithium assay site (180ppm Li).

The Trieste Lithium Project has 153 logged pegmatite outcrop observations, 35 of which are the same classification as those identified at Winsome Resources' (ASX:WR1) Adina Lithium Project. This is a notable 11 times more 'A Type' Pegmatites observations (I1A) than Adina. The historical data also includes 118 'G Type' mapped Pegmatite observations (I1G). Both 'A Type' & 'G Type' are prospective for lithium.

Geospatial Intelligence Ltd were commissioned to conduct a trial using high resolution historical satellite data (multi/hyper-spectral) to assess the level of correlation with the historically mapped pegmatites. The trial zone is a multi-spectral small-scale example, with more detailed, accurate largescale images to be produced.

The Trieste Lithium Project has never been explored for lithium, however based on historical data 14 initial target areas have been generated for high priority field investigation. The successful deployment of a total coverage satellite imagery program could alter the focus areas as the eastern extension of the greenstone, which has had little to no historical work but remains highly prospective for lithium.

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Adam Ritchie
Chief Executive Officer

Jane Morgan
Investor and Media Relations

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