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Pampa Metals Corporation (CNSX:PM) CEO, Paul Gill, Interview with Nancy Massicotte of IR Pro Communications
Learn more about Pampa Metals Corporation (CNSX:PM) (OTCMKTS:PMMCF) and their copper and gold projects in Chile in this interview with CEO, Paul Gill.

Chile is the world's single largest copper producer, providing more than 25% of the world's annual copper production, more than double the second ranked nation, and with most of that production coming from porphyry copper deposits. Chile is located around the Pacific Ocean "ring of fire" that provides the geology conducive to the formation of large porphyry copper deposits and has been particularly blessed with a geology rich in copper, with several of the world's largest copper mines within its national boundaries. Chile also happens to be a very stable, mining-oriented country that is very welcoming of investment in the exploration and mining business.

The combination of extremely fertile geology, the most important mineral deposit style for copper, favorable jurisdictional aspects of Chile, and increasing demand, mean that copper exploration in Chile makes a great deal of sense, and is the focus of Pampa Metals' activities and why the Company chooses to invest in copper exploration and discoveries. Pampa Metals' high-quality portfolio of eight projects in northern Chile, combined with an experienced management team, a healthy corporate treasury, and no debt, means that the Company is well placed to deliver on its objectives.

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