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Australia Sunny Glass Group Ltd (NSX:AG1) Public Offer Prospectus
Australia Sunny Glass Group Ltd (NSX:AG1) is one of Australia's leading manufacturers and suppliers of specialist architectural glass products to the commercial and residential building industry, predominantly in the east coast markets of New South Wales and Victoria. The Group's key value proposition is its ability to source low cost, high quality raw materials (locally and abroad) to use in its fully automated processing plant that is highly-efficient, accurate and scalable, as well as a glass contracting solutions division which focuses on providing integrated glass supply solutions for facades of medium to large commercial development projects.

The Group services customers ranging from small or special purpose commercial and residential construction, through to large commercial products. It has recently completed work under a major commercial glass supply contract for the Panorama residential apartment and retail development in Box Hill, east of the Melbourne's CBD. This project comprised 31 floors and approximately 380 residences, giving the Group substantial credibility and demonstrating its capability to manage and deliver projects of this scale.

The Company also actively progresses R&D activities with a focus on development of cyclone resistant glass using new laminating and bonding techniques.

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