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White Rock Minerals Ltd (ASX:WRM) Drilling Starts - High-Grade Gold Gap Zone-Morning Star Mine
White Rock Minerals Limited (ASX:WRM) (OTCMKTS:WRMCF) is pleased to announce a major underground diamond drill program has commenced to test the Gap Zone at the Morning Star gold mine. Diamond drill contractor Deepcore Australia Pty Ltd has commenced work with an underground electric hydraulic drill rig currently drilling the first hole of Ring 3 at the northern end of the Morning Star mine (Figure 2*).

Historic drilling is limited throughout the Gap Zone with historic mining having pursued high-grade gold mineralisation above the Gap Zone prior to World War 2 and then below the Gap Zone prior to its closure in 1963 when the mine could not pay maintenance for state power. At the time of closure, the middle section of the dyke from 10-level to 14-level, known as the Gap Zone, had not yet been developed.

White Rock's primary objective at the Morning Star gold mine is to identify and drill areas of the dyke that have the potential to host multiple high-grade gold quartz reefs. Utilising existing development infrastructure will support a low capital restart of production from multiple reef locations. The Gap Zone is one such primary target in the mine due to its size, multiple high-grade gold bearing reef potential and proximity to existing infrastructure including the Morning Star shaft (Figure 1*).

Gap Zone Drill Program

A first pass drill program totalling 11,500 metres in 50 drill holes has been planned to provide systematic coverage across the full length and depth of the Gap Zone, with 10 drill hole rings spaced 60 to 80 metres apart.

Each ring has 4 to 6 drill holes planned to test the Gap Zone from 9-level through to the Achilles Reef below 14-level (Figure 3*) which had production by Gold Mines of Australia prior to its closure in 1963.

Drillholes will provide a broad spacing sufficient to identify quartz reef structure geometry, that in conjunction with gold grade, is key to defining the most attractive positions within the dyke for more detailed drilling before any development decisions are reached.

*To view tables and figures, please visit:

Matthew Gill or Shane Turner
Phone: +61-3-5331-4644

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