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Torian Resources Limited (ASX:TNR) Mt Stirling Gold System Expanded
Torian Resources Limited (ASX:TNR) is pleased to announce results from various drilling campaigns at Mt Stirling. Results continue to expand the extents of gold mineralisation at various prospects and multiple gold domains, with pierce point intercepts beyond the current resource boundaries.

Torian Executive Director Mr Peretz Schapiro said: "For a while we have been hypothesising that the Stirling Well and Mt Stirling gold systems may be linked. The latest round of drilling has given us a greater picture as to what we may be actually sitting on in the Mt Stirling region.

Our current geological interpretation indicates that our current prospects on the Strling Block may actually be one large interconnected system. From Stirling Well in the west to Tyrannus in the East, and from Mt Stirling in the South and Hydra in the North. The structure of the system also indicates that the Mt Stirling region would be very amenable to a large, low strip, open pit mine.

We are also really pleased that the latest round of drilling has delivered record turnaround times for us, with results received within 2-4 weeks from holes being drilled. Slow turnaround times on assays are really frustrating for management and shareholders, so to have this level of turnaround time is a true testament to the work ethic of our hard-working field and geological team.

Whilst auger vacuum drilling and other field work at the Mt Stilring Project continues, we are looking forward to recommencing RC drilling in the coming weeks, which will focus on following up on anomalous arsenic zones and recently announced gold intercepts at the Hydra and Tyrannus prospects.

Subject to the continued success of the drilling campaign, rig(s) availability and assay turnaround from the labs, we will look to commission a Global resource estimate at the end of 2021 for the entire Mt Stirling Project.

Mt Stirling - Viserion Drill Update

On sections 1800N & 1840N ~50m up-dip extension has been confirmed from intercepts:

- 10m @ 2.05 g/t Au from 34m (MSRC109); inc 3m @ 4.13 g/t Au from 34m and 1m @ 4.82 g/t Au from 35m
- 1m @ 3.97 g/t Au from 58m (MSRC110)
- 6m @ 1.11 g/t Au from 47m (MSRC108); inc 1m @ 2.02 g/t Au from 49m

Mt Stirling and Viserion up-dip extensions have also returned:
- 1m @ 2.96 g/t Au from 35m (MSRC111)
- 1m @ 2.44 g/t Au from 179m (MSRD001)
- 5m @ 1.16 g/t Au from 147m (MSRC124); inc 1m @ 2.38 g/t Au from 147m
- 2m @ 1.36 g/t Au from 241m (MSRC094); inc 1m @ 1.78 g/t Au from 241m

Mt Stirling East zone(s) extensions

Eastern mineralised zones have been re-interpreted as shallow easterly plunging sub-horizontal saprolitic gold and lode material (alike Stirling Well mineralisation).

Eastern flat lodes and mineralised zones are also interpreted to merge with Tyrannus mineralisation, with potential to add considerable shallow open-pittable tonnage.

Further Eastern zone(s) shallow gold intercepts have been received including:
- 1m @ 6.03 g/t Au from 3m (MSRC086)
- 1m @ 1.77 g/t Au from 3m (MSRC120)
- 1m @ 1.74 g/t Au from 30m (MSRC093)
- 1m @ 1.61 g/t Au from 47m (MSRD002)

Follow-up shallow extensional drilling is now being planned to quantify and assess scale-potential.

Mt Stirling SE Drill Update

As has been previously announced, the Mt Stirling Gold system extends 280m further to the SE with mineralised strike now continuous over 1040m (1080N - 2080N).

Mt Stirling SE intercepts include:
- 1m @ 1.67 g/t Au from 39m (MSRC080)
- 1m @ 1.77 g/t Au from 83m (MSRC065)
- 5m @ 0.83 g/t Au from 244m (MSRC068); inc 1m @ 2.31 g/t Au from 244m

Hydra Drill update

Hydra RC drilling to recommence in coming weeks with 12 drill holes for ~980m planned to test anomalous arsenic zones and extents of interpreted gold system to NW.

Assays from first holes drilled are expected within 3 weeks.

Diorite Drilling update

Diorite East and Kiaora-Meteor preliminary drill assays received.

Assays from the Diorite East SZ have returned anomalous shallow composite samples of up to 4m @ 0.67 g/t Au from 16m (DIRC022)

Assays from Kiaora-Meteor have returned shallow mineralisation up to 1m @ 1.09 g/t Au from 29m (DIRC027)

Assays from recent RC drilling at the Unexpected mine at Diorite North are expected within 2 weeks.

To view tables and figures, please visit:

Peretz Schapiro

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