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Torian Resources Limited (ASX:TNR) Mt Stirling Gold System Extended 280m Further SE
Torian Resources Limited (ASX:TNR) is pleased to announce results from various drilling campaigns at Mt Stirling. Results continue to increase the extents of gold mineralisation at various prospects and multiple gold domains, with pierce point intercepts beyond the current resource boundaries.

Torian Executive Director Mr Peretz Schapiro said: "The continuous discovery of gold beyond the Mt Stirling resource boundary provides us with further confirmation that we have only just scratched the surface of the Mt Stirling Gold Project.

Our drilling campaign is in full swing as we look to continue to extend the strike of our resource as well as follow up on the high priority targets that have recently been generated. (Hydra and Tyrannus).

We have also negotiated faster turnaround times with our labs, and as such we anticipate receiving assays from our recent Diorite campaign within the next 2 weeks and assays from the current Mt Stirling campaigns within the next 3 weeks."

Mt Stirling SE Drill Update

The Mt Stirling Gold system has extended 280m further to the SE with mineralised strike now continuous over 1040m (1080N - 2080N).

A total of 18 RC drill holes were drilled for 3,713m with assays confirming an extension of the Mt Stirling gold system by 280m to the SE with intercepts including:

- 1m @ 1.06 g/t Au from 26m (MSRC080); and 1m @ 0.94 g/t Au from 47m
- 1m @ 1.27 g/t Au from 72m (MSRC076)
- 1m @ 2.27 g/t Au from 230m (MSRC069)
- 3m @ 0.73 g/t Au from 59m (MSRC065); inc 1m @ 1.51 g/t Au from 61m
- Multiple anomalous composites from sampling with assays yet to be received
Peak 4m @ 0.65 g/t Au anomalous comp from 256m (MSRC080)
16m @ 0.31 g/t Au anomalous comps from 244m (MSRC068); inc
4m @ 0.52 g/t Au anomalous comp from 244m
4m @ 0.41 g/t Au anomalous comp from surface (MSRC075)

A cut-off of >0.5 g/t Au has been used for Significant intercepts; with >0.1 g/t used for composite sample selection to single metre assaying.

Mt Stirling East zone(s) extensions

Further Eastern zone(s) shallow gold intercepts including:

- 4m @ 2.33 g/t Au from surface (MSRC086)
- 2m @ 1.72 g/t Au from 29m (MSRD004); inc 1m @ 2.18 g/t Au from 30m
- 1m @ 1.31 g/t Au from 9m (MSRC063); and 1m @ 1.80 g/t Au from 81m
- 1m @ 1.58 g/t Au from 24m (MSRC102)
- Multiple anomalous comps from sampling with assays yet to be received
4m @ 0.40 g/t Au anomalous comp from 16m (MSRC101)
4m @ 0.54 g/t Au anomalous comp from 32m (MSRC100)
7 follow-up shallow up-dip extension drill holes have been planned for 330m, with 5 drill holes already completed. Assays are anticipated within 3 weeks.

Mt Stirling planned RC drilling - Viserion up-dip

- 15 shallow up-dip extension RC drill holes were planned for ~1520m

- 9 drill holes have already been completed (MSRC107-115) with encouraging mineralisation intercepted

- Assays expected within 3 weeks

Hydra Drill update

Hydra RC drilling has commenced with 12 drill holes for ~980m planned to test anomalous arsenic zones and extents of interpreted gold system to NW.

Assays from first holes drilled are expected within 3 weeks.

Diorite Drilling update

A total of 10 drill holes for 806m were drilled at Diorite East and Diorite North.

Encouraging shallow mineralised zone from Kiaora-Meteor workings were intercepted, along with the Diorite East SZ.

Assays are expected within 2 weeks.

To view tables and figures, please visit:

Peretz Schapiro

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