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Deep Yellow Limited (ASX:DYL) Corporate Update - Sprott Capital Uranium Conference
Deep Yellow Limited (ASX:DYL) (FRA:JMI) (OTCMKTS:DYLLF) completed a highly positive PFS in Jan '21 on the Tumas palaeochannel project, delivering excellent results.

The PFS focused on a Langer-Heinrich style open-pit mining operation, with a production capacity of 3Mlb U3O8 per annum with results in line with, and in some cases better than, assumptions from the 2020 Scoping Study, highlighting a strong economic case for Tumas.

The DFS is underway to confirm the technical and potential economic viability of the Tumas Project and achieve the stated goal of a +20-year LOM operation.

Development of Tumas is being advanced in line with forecasts of significant uranium price improvements expected from 2022, in anticipation of a looming uranium shortage likely late 2023/24.

To view the Presentation, please visit:

John Borshoff
Managing Director/CEO
T: +61-8-9286-6999

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