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Theta Gold Mines Limited (ASX:TGM) $15 million At-The-Market Facility
Theta Gold Mines Limited (ASX:TGM) (OTCMKTS:TGMGF) is pleased to advise that the Company has entered into an At-The-Market Subscription Agreement (ATM) with Acuity Capital.

The ATM provides the Company with up to $15 million of standby equity capital with the expiry of the ATM being 31 July 2023.

Under the ATM, the Company retains full control of all aspects of the subscription process: having sole discretion as to whether or not to utilise the ATM, the maximum number of shares to be issued, the minimum issue price of shares and the timing of each subscription (if any). There are no requirements on the Company to utilise the ATM and the Company may terminate the ATM at any time, without cost or penalty. Acuity Capital and the ATM do not place any restrictions at any time on the Company raising capital through other methods.

If the Company does decide to utilise the ATM, it is able to set an issue price floor (at its sole discretion), with the final issue price being calculated as the greater of that floor price set by the Company and up to a 10% discount to a Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) over a period of the Company's choosing (again at the sole discretion of the Company).

As security for the ATM, the Company has agreed to place 24 million Theta Gold shares from its Listing Rule 7.1 capacity, at nil cash consideration to Acuity Capital. The Company may, at any time cancel the ATM, as well as buy back (and cancel) those shares for no cash consideration (subject to shareholder approval).

Bill Guy, Chairman
Theta Gold Mines Limited
T: +61-2-8046-7584

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