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Revival Gold Inc. (TSXV: RVG, OTCQB: RVLGF): Building the Next Great Growth Company in Gold; Interview with Hugh Agro, President and CEO

on 4/5/2019
Revival Gold Inc. (TSXV: RVG, OTCQB: RVLGF) is a growth-focused gold exploration and development company. The Company has the right to acquire a 100% interest in Meridian Beartrack Co., owner of the former producing Beartrack Gold Project, located in Lemhi County, Idaho. Revival also owns the rights to a 100% interest in the neighboring Arnett Gold Project. At the 2019 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, we learned from Hugh Agro, President and CEO of Revival Gold, that in 2018 they did about 8,600 meters of drilling, and the Company's geologists are working on new drilling targets. In 2019, Mr. Agro plans to continue exploration and metallurgical test work, and by the end of the year initiating an updated resource estimate for the project. According to Mr. Agro, investors should focus on finding a winning and committed management team, with the specific experience to be able to take the project forward.

Hugh Agro, President and CEO of Revival Gold, at the 2019 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Revival Gold Inc.

Dr. Allen Alper: This is Dr. Allen Alper, Editor-in-Chief of Metals News, interviewing Hugh Agro, who is President and CEO of Revival Gold, Inc.

Could you give our readers/investors an update on what's been going on since the last time we interviewed? Also for the benefit of the thousands of new readers/investors, who have joined us since then, could you give us an overview of Revival Gold? I know some great things are going on.

Hugh Agro: Thank you for having me, Allen. It's an exciting time in our business and for Revival Gold. Last year we did about 8,600 meters of drilling, and our geologists are working at their desks right now updating our models, geological plans and our work with respect to 2019 is getting underway.

As you may remember Revival Gold was founded about two years ago. We've built up a land position in Idaho, including the former producing Beartrack Mine, where in 2018 we established a maiden resource of two million ounces of gold.

We're building on that. At the tail end of last season, we tucked into the new land position at Arnett, with some drilling. Leachable material is all within trucking distance of the existing ADR plant at Beartrack. So we're going to follow up on that in 2019 and we're starting the year with a really good team and a really good plan for building value for shareholders.

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds great. So what are the key objectives for 2019?

Hugh Agro: In 2019 we want to continue to build on the resource. We have four permanent applications underway and we have a fifth that is in existence. So we have lots of drilling targets both in the middle of fill material along the Panther Creek Fault, and on the satellite Arnett deposit areas.

So drilling and updated metallurgical test work, we're going to do a phase II of metallurgical test work, and by the end of the year we want to be initiating an updated resource estimate for the project.

Dr. Allen Alper: Sounds exciting. Sounds like it will be a great year.

Hugh Agro: Yeah and listen, it's at a time when the industry is consolidating, so these big major companies need more and more ounces to feed their demand. A six-million, eight-million ounce a year producer, needs about 10 or 12 million ounces a year discovered.

So in about two or three years’ time, when all of these consolidated majors are looking around for more for their next phase of growth, we'll be there, having advanced our project and great geography and with a multi-million ounce potential.

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds exciting! That's a great time for you and the Company.

Hugh Agro: I believe so, investors today are starting to see that there's a scarcity of projects like what we have in Idaho at Beartrack. So they too are starting to take note.

Revival Gold’s share price was up about 13 times in 2017. We've followed that up in 2018 with a 14 percent increase in our share price and that's against the backdrop of an industry that really hasn't done so well.

So we have a great track record. Great team. Tight capital structure. Lots of exploration targets and we're in a very safe and mining friendly State of Idaho.

Dr. Allen Alper: Well that sounds excellent! Could you review your background and that of your Management Team and Board?

Hugh Agro: Our Board Chairman is Diane Garrett. Diane's the former President and CEO of Romarco Gold, which built the Hale Project from a concept out of a major into a producing mine in the Carolina's, owned by Oceana now.

A 20 million dollar company taken to a billion dollars of market cap, and under Diane's leadership. That is similar to what we are envisioning for the Beartrack Project and Revival Gold. Diane is our Non-Executive Board Chairman.

I'm President and CEO, a mining engineer by background. I've been in the gold business for 30 years, finding gold and we're looking to do that again, with Revival, as I have done in the past in my career.

On our Board we have Wayne Hubert, former CEO of Andean Resources. He built that company up to 3.6 Billion dollars, which was sold to Gold Corp. He was also involved in the Beartrack property back in the early days of his career.

Don Birak is an Idaho resident and former VP of Exploration for Coeur Mining. We have a solid Board. Our management team includes former General Manager for the operation, Pete Blakeley and our V.P. of Exploration, who did his education and his Master's Degree in Idaho. Deep roots in Idaho. Deep roots on the project and strong capital markets expertise on our team and on our board.

Dr. Allen Alper: That's a very, very impressive team. Your background and Diane’s. I've interviewed Diane many, many times and she's a great person, knowledgeable, successful, excellent Chairman, President and CEO.

Hugh Agro: Thank you for saying that Allen. I should speak a little bit about our investor base as well. We only have 42 million shares outstanding, so a very tight capital structure. We're backed by Orion Mine Finance, who owns 10 percent of the business. They are one of the largest private equity investors in the mining space. Our investor base includes ourselves. Management owns 68 percent of this business so we're committed to making it successful.

Dr. Allen Alper: It's great to see a management team that has skin in the game. That's excellent. It gives us confidence in the Company.

Hugh Agro: Yeah thank you Allen. We think the sector timing is excellent. We think our geography and this project are excellent. Time will tell, but this growing gap between the pace of local production and the pace of global discovery makes for a very exciting opportunity for investors. We're committed to deliver on that for our investors and for ourselves as investors also.

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds excellent. What are the primary reasons our high-net-worth readers/investors should consider investing in Revival Gold, Inc.?

Hugh Agro: First of all, I think investors today, as in the past, should focus on management. Find a winning management team. One that's committed, has skin in the game as you put it, and has the experience to be able to take the project forward and has capital markets experience and technical experience.

Secondly I would say, if you're investing in the junior mining space, I think you have to follow the smart money. So follow the smart long-term investors and look for those companies that are well backed by good solid investors.

Good times or bad, those investors tend to support those companies, and make sure that they endure through the cycle.

Third thing, invest with people you trust. Mining and exploration really requires a lot of expertise and skill and a lot of that doesn't show up on paper. Invest in people you trust and invest with confidence.

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds great, Hugh. Is there anything else that you'd like to add?

Hugh Agro: Just to thank you Allen for your continued interest in the story of Revival Gold. I know you're one of the early people to identify us as an opportunity in the space. We'll certainly look to continue to build this Company out in the future.

Dr. Allen Alper: Well you've done a great job. We’ll publish your press releases as they come out so our readers/investors can follow your progress.

Andrea Totino, Investor Relations Manager
(416) 366-4100

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