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Golden Arrow Resources (TSX-V: GRG, FSE: G6A, OTCQB: GARWF): Producing Silver Mine, JV with SSR Mining; Interview with Joseph Grosso, Executive Chairman, CEO, and President

on 3/25/2019
Golden Arrow Resources Corporation (TSX-V: GRG, FSE: G6A, OTCQB: GARWF) is an exploration company earning production income and is a member of the Grosso Group, a resource management group that has pioneered exploration in Argentina since 1993. Golden Arrow owns a 25% share of Puna Operations Inc., a joint venture operated by SSR Mining, with more than 8 years of forecast production and upside potential at the Pirquitas-Chinchillas silver mining project. We learned from Joseph Grosso, who is Executive Chairman, CEO, and President of Golden Arrow Resources, that the Puna Operations will meet its first year projections. According to Mr. Grosso, the Company is focused on drill-ready targets on their advanced projects to achieve discoveries as quickly as possible.

Production Under Way at Golden Arrow’s Puna operations in Argentina.

Dr. Allen Alper: Dr. Allen Alper, Editor and Chief of Metals News interviewing Joseph Grosso, who is Executive Chairman, CEO, and President of Golden Arrow Resources. Joe, could you give our readers an overview of your company and what's been happening in the last year, the highlights and your key plans for this year?

Joe Grosso: Yes, I'll be glad to, to the best of my recollection. Historically speaking, we have a long history, 25 years of presence in South America. In 1993 we initiated opening mining in Argentina. At that point, they had not been in it for some time. We started reviewing the geology that was discovered almost 100 years earlier.

Argentina’s priority had not been mining, but agriculture. Therefore, I continued staking major middle trends that were discovered earlier. We also opened satellite offices in countries, which are best known for mining in South America, such as Peru and Columbia. We also had a lot of activity in Chile. We spent the best of 20-25 years basically learning about mining, the temperament and the customs and so on in South America. After 25 years we have done extremely well, accumulating a prolific portfolio of properties that has generated three world class discoveries todate, which we continue taking forward.

The properties we have currently are in Argentina, Chile, and soon Paraguay we are reviewing Paraguay for its potential and we're getting very close to expanding our now 25-year-old mining history. We will expand into other places where we find very good potential for share value.

We are noticing that deposits in production are dwindling in quantity. We are very excited about being positioned in a very strong way in South America, with our knowledge and reputation and track record of discoveries. Our future focus is on replacing depleting production deposits with companies that will look at our potential discoveries.

We have a project that fits our strategy perfectly and it’s called Chinchillas. SSR Mining’s dwindling deposit attracted them to make a deal. The partnership was formed last year. Chinchillas was advanced enough that it had a sizable 43-101 compliant resource. SSR Mining were interested because they were in the vicinity and we made a deal last year, a partnership creating Puna Operations Inc. Puna has now been in production with Chinchillas for the last two months. In order to get to production we had to integrate a very modern exploitation infrastructure. We’re using the infrastructure of Pirquitas Operation, which dwindled to almost zero, for the Chinchillas mine. If we were to put that infrastructure in place today, it would cost well over $600 million, US. This is almost a turnkey situation for our Company and we now own 25% of all the mining assets and the Chinchilla mine. These huge assets will be generating the first year of production and it’s looking like the projections will be met, so we're very happy.

Together with the experience that the Grosso Group and Golden Arrow have in place, we have a group of extremely well-advanced properties, which we are now looking to make the mainstay of our Company. We have removed a lot of the risk and we have advanced the projects that will speed up the new discoveries and follow the footsteps of Chinchilla.

We would like to have two values for our shareholders. One is the expertise we have to generate new projects. The second value is income generation which will potentially grow from new discoveries. So this is what we are totally involved in right now, and we have represented the following at the PDAC in Toronto that we are a Company that has advanced exploration and a deposit that is in production and we will be following that model.

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds excellent!

Joe Grosso: In summary, we have 25 years of experience in various countries, we have an incredible wealth of contacts that we have developed in those countries. Because of our great success in exploring, those contacts very often call us with projects that they would like to become partners on or sell to us. So, we are in a very envious position to grow our portfolio and success rate. Because of the mining economy, our shares are currently trading at a discount to our value. Our current shareholders and potentially new shareholders should see that we have the experience, the reputation, the assets in place, and an above average potential that could make new investors money and increase value. We feel that we should be trading at a premium based on our reputation, rather than a discount.

This is basically the overview. We have put together a very exciting strategy. I think the depleting deposits of the majors, or mid-size companies will be an opportunity to turn the assets we have in place, very quickly, into deposits for them.

Dr. Allen Alper: Wow! That sounds like excellent reasons why our readers/investors should consider investing in Golden Arrow. Is there anything else you'd like to add Joe?

Joe Grosso: Yes, I would like to add that I have great appreciation for interviewing me for Metals News. I hope that we'll be able to have the door open to update you from time to time on new things coming up. We're very happy and I think that we have an above average upside potential. This is why we are raising funds to create a very handsome premium for new shareholders that should consider us today.

Dr. Allen Alper: Well that sounds excellent. We are always happy to talk with you and learn more about Golden Arrow. We are very impressed that you are one of the planners that opened up the Argentinian mining plan exploration. The fore-father of that! That's excellent.

Joe Grosso: Thank you. I really appreciate that. Obviously, it's a great for us to be featured by you. We consider it one of our achievements, if you'll allow me.

Dr. Allen Alper: Thank you very much. That means a great deal to me, coming from someone of your stature in the industry, someone I admire.

We’ll publish your press releases as they come out so our readers/investors can follow your progress.

Joseph Grosso,
Executive Chairman, President and CEO
Tel: 1-604-687-1828
Toll-Free: 1-800-901-0058

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