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Paul Kuhn, President of Avrupa Minerals Ltd. (AVU: TSXV) Prospects for Tungsten, Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and More with Licenses in Portugal, Kosovo, and Germany

on 11/16/2012

Paul Kuhn, President of Avrupa Minerals with daughter, Devin, at the New Orleans Investment Conference

The prospect generator model certainly isn’t a new concept, but it’s also not one that’s widely used these days. We recently had the chance to sit down with Paul Kuhn, President of Avrupa Minerals, at the New Orleans Investment Conference, and this two-year veteran of the company had quite a bit to say about the prospect generator model, their licenses in Portugal, Kosovo, and German, and raising capital in a tough market.

A New Spin in Old Areas

Avrupa’ s company culture is built around the idea of looking for new ideas in very old mining districts, a philosophy that seems to be proving its worth in all three of the areas where this company has its major claims.


Avrupa currently holds 9 licenses covering more than 2600 square kilometers in the country. In the coming months, they’re in line to get at least two more. In the Iberian Pyrite Belt, they’re looking for both copper and zinc in a 1000 square kilometer area called Alvalade. Here they have a fairly new joint venture with Antofagasta Minerals, which recently agreed to supply them with $4.3 million in capital to be spent over a period of three years. Thanks to the high prospectivity of this licensing area, though, the company has already spent $2.5 million of that within the first year. While they plan to start more aggressive drilling by 2013, they’re currently completing a second phase of exploratory drilling, having finished the eighth and final hole of the phase, in their search for new copper resources in the Pyrite Belt.

In addition to that joint venture, Avrupa has another joint venture in the country with Blackheath Resources, a group of tungsten explorers with previous experience in the area. Dubbed the “Covas” property, the area is located in the northwestern corner of Portugal, and while some of the deposits have been previously explored, none of the results were systematic enough to give Avrupa a head-start in the area. Just 40 percent of the skarn zone was drilled, so there’s a fairly large potential for tungsten possibilities inside and around the ring. At the moment, Avrupa is on their seventh hole of up to fifteen holes in a confirmation/exploration project, and all seven of them have intersected sulfide-rich skarn mineralization to date. Drilling is right on target, not only to find the tungsten the company is looking for, but also to find possible gold mineralization, as well. While they’re still in the early stages, previous non - NI43-101 - compliant studies produced over 30 years ago by other companies, calculated mineral resources in the area to be 922,900 metric tonnes of .78% WO3 in the deposits.  Avrupa and Blackheath have not verified this information yet, but believe it to be reasonably and professionally calculated, according to accepted mineral resource standards of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.



Avrupa currently holds six licenses in Kosovo, covering nearly 200 square kilometers. Here, they’re looking for a solid mining partner to create a joint venture that will help them efficiently upgrade and advance their basic programs towards new discoveries in the area. They have four different drill ready targets and high prospects on all of the other properties, and because there has been very little systematic exploration on any of their properties, the potential for exciting discoveries here is high.



Germany has been well explored for decades, but Avrupa is taking a careful new look at a very old district. There, they hold a license on a 300 square kilometer property that may have some amazing gold possibilities. Located in Eastern Germany in the Erzgebirge mining district, this property has been mined for more than nine hundred years for silver, base metals, tin, and uranium.

“We’re the first ones in that district looking for gold,” said Kuhn. “Previously it was a tin, tungsten, and base metal situation – uranium by the East Germans – but we’re in it for the gold. We think it’s a positive area because it’s in Eastern Germany. The unemployment rate is a bit higher than the rest of Germany, and it’s an old, well-known mining district.”

The area is so old that the first reported mines here date back to the twelfth century. Avrupa sees the potential for large, bulk-tonnage gold deposits in the area thanks to the reduced intrusion-related gold deposit type, just like areas like the Tintina Gold Belt.



Avrupa Minerals is a growth-oriented junior exploration and development company focused on aggressive exploration, using a prospect generator model, for valuable mineral deposits in politically stable and prospective regions of Europe, including Portugal, Kosovo, and Germany.

The Company has an exciting portfolio of exploration projects consisting of:

  • Copper and Zinc in southern Portugal at Marateca and in the Alvalade JV project area located in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, where Europe's richest active copper mine operates;
  • Tungsten and Gold in northern Portugal at the Covas JV project area;
  • Gold, Bismuth, and Tellurium on the newly issued Arga license, located in northern Portugal, adjacent to the Covas JV;
  • Precious metal and REE potential in the Aljezur project area, south Portugal;
  • Copper and Gold porphyry potential in southern Portugal in the newly issued Alvito project area;
  • Silver, Lead and Zinc in Kosovo at the Glavej, Kamenica, Selac, Slivovo, and Bajgora properties in the Trepça Mineral Belt of the Vardar Zone, historically, Europe's most productive district for lead and zinc;
  • Copper and Gold in southern Kosovo within the Koritnik exploration license area in the Sharr-Dragash intrusive complex;
  • Gold in eastern Germany in the 307 km2 Oelsnitz exploration license in the historic Erzgebirge Mining District, a 900-year producer of tin, tungsten, silver, base metals, and uranium.

The projects are all in areas with existing mines and strong geological potential for discovery of further economic metal deposits.

Avrupa's aim is to create shareholder value through the development of a project portfolio to joint venture or sale to larger mining companies.

Avrupa Minerals has a strong and dedicated management team with extensive and broad experience from exploration to development. Management is supported by an active board with exploration and financial experience. In its present areas of exploration, Avrupa enjoys excellent relations with government mining agencies, local authorities, and the communities where it works.


Financial Resources

Few things are as important to mining companies of any kind as the resources to get the job done right, and Avrupa just managed to raise $1.2 million in today’s tough market. One of their newest investors is Sprott Global Assets, a premier exploration funding group in North America. Both joint ventures in Portugal are fully funded, and they’re using the new capital to bring their other projects to joint venture status.

Investors looking for reasons to take a closer look at Avrupa Minerals have much to be excited about. They currently have thirty million shares out, and twenty million other shares under warrant. With a share price of just 17.5 cents, Avrupa is hoping to firm that up and liquefy their shares in the near future, but they know that the prospect generator model they work under will certainly do just that. Because they’re the first operator in Europe working under that model, and all of their properties are in stable jurisdictions, they’re ahead of the game, even in today’s questionable economy.


Avrupa Minerals
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