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Interview with Vincent Dubé- Bourgeois, CEO and Director, GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. (TSXV: SPOT, OTCQX: SPOFF): Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Transforming the Mining Sector

on 8/16/2022
We spoke with Vincent Dubé-Bourgeois, who is CEO and Director of GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. (TSXV: SPOT, OTCQX: SPOFF), a global leader in artificial intelligence and data science, transforming the mining sector. Using artificial intelligence, GoldSpot Discoveries revolutionized the future of global mineral exploration, with a full suite of data and knowledge-driven SaaS tools and services. GoldSpot's leading Team, of expert scientists, merges geoscience and data science, to deliver bespoke solutions that save time, reduce costs, and produce far more accurate results than ever possible before. GoldSpot works, with industry leaders, across all commodity and deposit types, to identify new exploration targets, develop cutting-edge technologies, and strategically invest, in mineral exploration companies.

GoldSpot Discoveries Corp.

Dr. Allen Alper: I've noticed that GoldSpot has been very active, with many companies. Vincent, maybe you could give us an overview of your Company. What's new, what's going on, and what are some of your plans for the future?

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: Certainly. Thank you. GoldSpot was founded six years ago, in 2016. The main idea, with GoldSpot, was to better utilize all datasets available, in the mining exploration space. So that would be geochemical datasets, geophysics, geological data, structural data, drill hole information, and all other datasets available, to help drive exploration successes, using machine learning. So, over the years, we built a Team of over 90 people, including geologists, geoscientists, data scientists, and analysts, in the Company.

So that's how GoldSpot started and where we are now. And over the years, especially last year, we made multiple acquisitions, to grow our Company. I'll briefly summarize them:

We acquired Ridgeline Exploration Services, to help us grow our field division and data acquisition Team. So now, with this, we're able to collect datasets for our multiple clients and interpret them, later in the pipeline.

We also acquired CEO.CA, a social media website for retail investors. We acquired CEO in the fall of 2021. And since the acquisition of CEO, we increased the number of users on the platform and started generating revenue, through the advertisement of different issuers.

At the same time, GoldSpot acquired Geotic Inc. Geotic is a Software Company, in the mineral-efficient space. Geotic softwares are widely used in the Province of Quebec. The various softwares include; GeoticLog for core logging, GeoticMine for 3D modeling and GeoticSection for 2D sections. With this acquisition, we are positioning ourselves in the SAAS sector.

And lastly, in early 2022, we acquired DigiGeoData, which is again a website to help guide investors on the claim acquisition, geological dataset, and other types of data available to them.

So that really brings GoldSpot to a new space, a new area, and GoldSpot, at the moment, is well positioned as a technology Company, in the mineral and exploration space. Over the years, we acquired a portfolio of over $40 million, of assets, under management and multiple royalties over different properties, such as New Found Gold Corp, Exploits Discovery, Opawica and Manitou Gold. And on top of that, we developed a lot of new tools and technologies to help explorers make more discoveries.

Dr. Allen Alper: Well, that's fantastic. I'm amazed at the progress you've made, in such a short time, and your technology and your expertise has been growing rapidly, and your depth and also your ability. So that's excellent!

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: Yes. Thank you. It's been tremendous growth for us, starting in 2016, with only a couple of hundred thousand dollars, in services, to almost $10 million in revenue, per year, at the moment.

Dr. Allen Alper: That's fantastic. Could you give our readers and investors a few examples of the work you've done, for different companies?

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: Lately, we announced some work and some of our partners announced some results, in some projects we worked on. One of them would be Arc Pacific Gold, where we identified multiple targets for them on their project in British Columbia, as well as the McDonald Mine Project, which is located in Sudbury where our client drilled some of our targets and came up with positive results. But there are also bigger ones, like New Found gold, where initially we helped New Found gold and came up with the different targets and interpretations on the project, to help them identify the main areas.

Dr. Allen Alper: That's fantastic, and that has been an enormous success, with New Found Gold. Vincent, could you tell our readers and investors what your primary goals are, going forward?

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: The goal of the Company is, at the moment, integration of the different subsidiaries we acquired, making sure that everything is well integrated together. This will help grow our different revenue streams, from increasing our consulting revenue, as well as technology revenue and software that we're selling. At the same time, we are working on our marketing division and social media platform, increasing the user-base, and adding more features for the users, to better make investment decisions. That will help us generate more revenues, from this division, as well as attract more users to the platform.

Dr. Allen Alper: That's excellent! Could you tell our readers and investors a little bit more about your capital and share structure?

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: Yes. We currently have 136 million shares out. No warrants outstanding. We are fully funded and generating profit year over year, with a strong portfolio of over $40 million, in public and private assets. Our share price, at the moment, is around 30 cents, or a market cap of a bit over $40 million. We're really trading, almost at par value, and the market, at the moment, is not seeing any value to the Company. So, it's really a tremendous time to buy the stock.

Dr. Allen Alper: Oh, that's excellent! Could you tell our readers/investors the primary reasons to consider buying your stock?

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: Well, as I mentioned, GoldSpot is on the right track to be the major player in the mining and exploration space. We have the Team. We have the resources. Also, we're not in need of any capital, at the moment. We are well funded, with over $40 million, in assets under management, but as well, divisions that are making profit. We are focused on growing our business, as well as increasing our portfolio and developing new technology, for the mining and exploration sector. At the same time, we're really at the lowest, we've been this year. So, this is a tremendous opportunity to buy, especially as we are strongly positioned, in the market, to increase our different revenues and different streams of services.

Dr. Allen Alper: Sounds like compelling reasons for our readers and investors to consider investing in GoldSpot. Vincent, could you also summarize the reasons why mining companies should consider using your services?

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: At GoldSpot, we've worked with majors and juniors along the way. We started working with Hochschild Mining, in South America. We worked with them for five of their mines. We also worked with Yamana Gold, Vale, Pretium Resources, and others. We have over 40 different active projects, all over the globe, from juniors to majors. Not all of them are public. However, we are very active and keep increasing our pipeline and number, and diversity of clients.

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds excellent! Is there anything you'd like to add, Vincent?

Vincent Dube-Bourgeois: We are really a compelling story, a different story from anything else in the market. We're able to touch everything, from fieldwork to data analytics, while developing new technology for the mining and exploration sector. We continue to help companies make more discoveries and provide them with better exploration targets. With the tools that we've developed, we're able to license them to different companies and generate revenue from this. We keep positioning ourselves, as the premier technology company, in the space.

Dr. Allen Alper: Well, that seems excellent! I think that is a great opportunity, for mining companies, to help with exploration and development, and also for investors to invest in GoldSpot. I enjoyed talking with you. I'm glad we had the opportunity to update our readers and investors on what's going on with GoldSpot.

Vincent Dubé-Bourgeois
CEO and Director
GoldSpot Discoveries Corp.
Tel: 819-592-1195

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