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GreenGold Technology Helps Mining Companies Maximize Returns by Making Projects More Economical, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly; Malcolm Roy Paterson, CEO and President, Peter Mellor, Business Manager Interviewed

on 3/29/2021
GreenGold Technology helps mining companies maximize returns by making their new or existing mineral project more economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly. GreenGold offers one-stop solutions, including operational advisory, bankable feasibility studies, in-house laboratory, engineering, Management and operational services, capacity building, plant construction and innovative technologies that are industrially proven. We learned from Malcolm Roy Paterson, CEO and President of GreenGold Technology, and Peter Mellor, Business Manager of the Company, that they developed a new resin-based technology that economically recycles cyanide from gold plant tailings, which detoxifies the tailings and cuts cyanide purchase in half.

GreenGold Technology

Dr. Allen Alper: This is Dr. Allen Alper, Editor-in-Chief of Metals News, interviewing Malcolm Roy Paterson, CEO and President of GreenGold Technology and Peter Mellor, the Business Manager.

Malcolm, could you give our readers/investors and engineers and CEOs an overview of your Company, what services you perform for the mining industry, and what differentiates your Company from others?

Malcolm Roy Paterson: We started in the engineering business a few years ago, but we had a technology base, and that's something extra. It's a unique technology that we've developed over many, many years, and it gives us a considerable advantage in terms that we don't compete.

We've started the Company in Indonesia, although we are registered in Singapore. This gave us a good base for engineering capability.

GreenGold Technology

We have a very narrow focus in terms of the metals industry. We focus on gold, copper, silver and not much else. Because we specialize, we can become a lot more expert in that area.

I've been working in this industry for about 50 years, so we have a fair bit of experience behind us. We sell a very specific unique technology that we believe will become acceptable worldwide and replace CIL or carbon for gold and silver recovery.

We have a different approach in terms of having a narrow base in terms of our target minerals, but we provide an extensive base for technical expertise in terms of the discipline. We start with geology. We even have a drilling division. We are involved in mining, processing, engineering, construction, commissioning, and operations.

The advantage we have is we cover the entire field. We don't have to go out to the marketplace and go-to consultants for different expertise, and it gives us a huge advantage just because the communication is so much better. You find many engineering companies will go to consultants for different aspects; even mining companies will go to geologists for their resource. They'll go to engineers for the feasibility study. We do all this in-house, so we have the expertise, and that extra communication, so that's another differentiator.

GreenGold Technology

We develop equipment. We have specialist equipment that we apply in our technology, and that equipment gives us another layer in the business. All these layers build up to make the business more robust.

That's the technology business. We can turn around projects that are not feasible because of various UC metallurgical problems, but with our technology, we can turn those projects around and make them feasible.

We can turn them around and make them very profitable, so that's the end game with us.

With new technology, it's a tricky business, selling it to the mining industry because they're not very accepting of new technology. We understand that, because it's a risk and they invest a lot of money. We've been trying to sell that now for several years, and we're starting to turn the corner, becoming successful in selling to an international market.

We deal with some of the biggest mining companies globally, the Newmont and the Northern Star, and they're starting to accept this technology, which we believe will take over from the existing technology. So that's where we're heading, and it seems to be quite successful so far.

GreenGold Technology

Dr. Allen Alper: Well, that sounds excellent. Could you give our readers/investors and our engineers some examples of some of the projects you're working on or have worked on?

Malcolm Roy Paterson: Sure. One we're working on at the moment is a gold-copper tailings project. To give you an example of how we've approached this tailings project, which has been looked at for the last 30 years. There have been five different companies over the last 30 years that have looked at this project, and they haven't been able to make it economically. They've done feasibility, a few studies and numerous test work programs, but they've never been able to get it across the line.

Incorporating our technology has turned that around. But, when we took that over, it wasn't feasible. And that's just one example of us turning a project around.

We have another example of a West Australia project that again was struggling to get across the line because it had a metallurgical problem, which has now been solved with our technology. That project is now being developed as well.

GreenGold Technology

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds very good.

Peter Mellor: We're involved in about 40 projects at the moment. The technology upside is exponential, when the project has nuisance levels of copper. Martabe in North Sumatra had nuisance levels of copper; the information is available on our website by a third party that goes into more detail. There was a 120 million upside for that customer to install the technology.

Dr. Allen Alper: I saw that. I think that it would be great for engineers and CEOs to go through your website and see what services you provide for the mining industry. Could you tell us a bit, Malcolm, about your Team, your background, and some of the other Team Members?

Malcolm Roy Paterson: Yes, it's pretty interesting because my background is in engineering and operations. I've worked in both over the years and in several different countries. That's part of what I can bring to the party. We have a small Team; I think about 80 people at the moment. Most of them are based in Indonesia. But part of my secret is putting the Team together, understanding strengths and weaknesses.

We look at people, not just from a technical point of view. Because that way you can understand how other people are working and you're not out there on your own, you know that you need to work as a team.

We have an excellent Team. They are in there because they want to make this work. That attitude is a solid point that binds the people together as a Team. That's our attitude, putting the Company together.

It's a private company. A big problem is travel at the moment, but we are working with companies worldwide, and we have to make do with not travelling too much. They send samples to us for test work from all over the world, Russia, South America, Africa, etc. We're dealing quite a bit internationally.

Usually, we would be out there, visiting these sites and clients, but at the moment, we are a bit restricted. But it's not impeding us. We're getting on with the job and making things work, so that's the plan.

Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds very good, Malcolm. Could you tell us the primary reasons engineers, CEOs and Management of mining companies should consider using your services?

GreenGold Technology

Malcolm Roy Paterson: I believe it's a somewhat unique service. It's probably not totally unique, but we offer a complete package of services to a client, just so they can talk to just one group; they don't have to go outside for other expertise in different disciplines; we have most of that in-house.

We also believe in innovation. We are not just another engineer that will copy-paste plants because we want to make money out of man-hours. Our satisfaction and profit come from actually doing successful projects, which means trying to reduce capital costs, reduce operating costs, and give the client that something that they do need, as opposed to just being an engineering company that will go in and try and make use of as many man-hours as possible, because they get paid by a man-hour rate. So we do have a different approach even from that side.

Dr. Allen Alper: Well, that sounds very good. Malcolm or Peter, do you have anything else you'd like to add?

Peter Mellor: We believe three RECYN plants will be constructed or commissioned this year. We know the followers of GreenGold are watching them develop.

Dr. Allen Alper: Well, that sounds very good. We'll publish your press releases as they come out so our readers/investors can follow your progress.

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