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White Gold Corp (TSX.V: WGO; OTC – Nasdaq Intl: WHGOF; FRA: 29W): Largest Land Holder in White Gold District of the Yukon, Canada; Interview with David D'Onofrio, CEO

on 12/10/2018
White Gold Corp (TSX.V: WGO; OTC – Nasdaq Intl: WHGOF; FRA: 29W) owns a portfolio of 21,218 quartz claims, across 34 properties, in the emerging White Gold District of the Yukon, Canada, totaling over 423,000 hectares (approximately 40% of the district). This makes White Gold Corp the largest landholder in the District. We learned from David D'Onofrio, CEO of White Gold Corp, that their entire land package was brought into the company by the renowned prospector Shawn Ryan, the company's Chief Technical Advisor and a Director, who has over 20 years of experience prospecting gold in the Yukon, which led to the discovery of the White Gold, Coffee, and QV gold deposits. We learned from D'Onofrio that their $11 million-dollar exploration campaign during 2018 was very successful in producing several high-grade discoveries, and led to a $15 million dollar bought deal financing that the company closed a few weeks ago.

On November 15, 2018 White Gold announced, “White Gold Corp. Drills 103.9 g/t Gold & 400.0 g/t Silver over 1.52m from Surface within a Broader Intercept of 31.4 g/t Gold over 6.1m and Identifies New High-grade Zones at Vertigo Target on JP Ross Property”. The RC drilling further validated the previously announced RAB drill results and identified new zones of high-grade gold mineralization along strike and at depth, which remains open in all directions. Drilling and other geological testing has also been conducted along the 14km structural trend that hosts their newest discovery, Vertigo and many other similar targets.

Maps to accompany their news release can be found at

White Gold Hits Multiple High-Grade Surface Results including 139.9g/t, 134.6 g/t and 132.9 g/t Gold from Selected Grab Samples at Vertigo Discovery, and Hits High Grade Samples at Vertigo Target 4.1km Along Trend on JP Ross Property.

Dr. Allen Alper: This is Dr. Allen Alper, Editor-in-Chief of Metals News, interviewing David D'Onofrio, the CEO of White Gold Corp. I wonder if you could give our readers/investors an overview of White Gold Corp and highlight the excellent drilling results that you reported on recently.

David D’Onofrio: Certainly. As you may recall, White Gold Corp is the 100% owner of what is now over 423,000 hectares in the Yukon Territory of Canada. It's located in the White Gold District, which is the site of the famous Klondike Gold Rush from the late 1800's, at which time, more than twenty thousand ounces were pulled out of the stream beds through primitive placer mining type activities.

We are the largest land holder in the district, and there's been a lot of activity in the district in recent years, with a couple of major gold discoveries. This has actually been the only activity since the hundred years before, in that previous gold rush era.

In recent times, a junior company called Underworld Resource had a gold discovery on the Golden Saddle, what is now our Golden Saddle Deposit, that Kinross had bought for $140 million in 2011. Subsequently, a junior company called Kaminak Resources had a major gold discovery on what is now the Coffee Deposit, that Goldcorp bought in 2016 for $520 million. These discoveries put the White Gold District back on the map creating a modern day gold rush, attracting the attention from major mining companies around the world. Both of these deposits were prospected by Shawn Ryan, who is now part of our company, as our Director and Chief Technical Advisor. Our entire land package was brought into our company by Shawn. He has been staking these for over fifteen years and worked with a number of different companies to advance them. But he had retained ownership of all of them and then wanted to partner with one company to take them to the next level, which led to the creation of White Gold Corp.

Subsequent to doing that, we then approached Kinross to buy their Golden Saddle Deposit from them and the other properties that they had that came along with their Underworld acquisition, so we did that last year. With a great high grade gold deposit open in multiple directions and a very large exploration portfolio with many highly prospective properties, we created somewhat of a dream team by adding Jodie Gibson as VP Exploration, who is the geologist that drilled out that Golden Saddle discovery in the beginning before Kinross acquired it. We also added Rob Carpenter. Rob is the founder of Kaminak, which Goldcorp purchased in 2016 for half a billion dollars. We now had on our team all the people directly responsible for all the discoveries in the White Gold District in recent times.


Direct Involvement with Every Major Discovery in the White Gold District and Strong Institutional Relationships

Shawn Ryan

Chief Technical Advisor
Famed prospector with multiple major gold
discoveries in the Yukon totalling 7.5M oz.
Pioneer of innovative exploration techniques.

Robert Carpenter, Ph.D., P. Geo

Founder and CEO of Kaminak Gold
Corporation, acquired by Goldcorp Inc. for
$520M in 2016.

David D. Onofrio, CPA

Chief Executive Officer
Extensive experience financing and advising
resource companies globally. Deep capital
markets expertise with a track record of

Jodie Gibson, P. Geo

VP, Exploration
Project manager overseeing discovery drill
holes on the White Gold project with
Underworld prior to takeover by Kinross and
on the QV project with Comstock Metals.
White Gold Corp. | Yukon, Canada

So, we've assembled the team which has been responsible for 100% of the success in the Yukon, in recent times, and are now looking to build on our deposit and have additional discoveries. These guys have seen what has led to the discoveries. They believe our land package is based on the over 75 million dollars of exploration that's gone into it to date and that it has the signatures which should lead to many more discoveries.

Just recently we've announced that we've had one very significant major discovery and we've also identified many other high-grade gold zones on our properties, some of them around our current resource. It's very exciting, from an economic perspective, to have those types of ounces near an existing deposit. It is ideal.

So, we have been very busy in 2018. We've probably spent about $11 million dollars on our exploration plan this year, and it's been extremely successful. We've released some information on those results so far, but we have quite a bit of additional information coming in and to put out going forward. Very recently, we had a release, which highlighted some exceptional high-grade gold mineralization around our initial discovery of Vertigo.

Some drilling highlights included hitting 23.44 g/t gold over 24.4m from surface ending in mineralization, including 59.3 g/t gold over 3.0m, and multiple surface samples on the property over 130 g/t Gold expanding the structure’s footprint over 1 kilometre.

I think the two things that the market has really gotten excited about are our new Vertigo and our growing Golden Saddle deposit; with more results from our work to come and many additional targets still to be tested!

They have led to some pretty tremendous activity and a lot of institutional interest, which is about a $15 million dollar financing deal that we just closed last week, providing us sufficient capital for a couple years here. So, we are very well-funded with a strong balance sheet.

Our Vertigo discovery is a property that's thirty kilometers from our flagship Golden Saddle Deposit and it's fortunately about a kilometer from a road. So location-wise it's quite ideal. We’ve intersected multiple high-grade zones that are very shallow, and we are only drilling up to a hundred meters right now, with 40, 50, 60 ounce grams per ton intercepts from surface. Of that bunch, the highlight hole was RAB 14 whereas said previously we intersected 23 1/2 meters of 24 grams gold from surface, ending in mineralization. We've done some work around that area to see what else we can find, and I think that's really caught everyone’s attention, with the grade and the consistency of what we've been finding and now it's over a strike length of in excess of 350 meters, on a trend that is over a kilometer and a half. These are all structurally controlled trends that span over 14 kilometres.

In additional to our proprietary exploration methodologies, this year we have used a novel technique called Lidar in addition to our soil sampling and our geoprobe, which is a trenching alternative, which is particularly effective in this region of the world because it is non-glaciated, so there is a very high correlation between the soil geochemistry and the bedrock. Lidar has allowed our geologists to understand the structure better and hone in on where they want to drill, and we have been able to come up with these multiple discoveries. We will definitely continue to do more Lidar going forward.

Using new techniques is also allowing us to work more efficiently which saves money and lets us accomplish more. So far we have only drilled in one area. These recent discoveries of a kilometer and a half strike length is on a trend where we've seen anomalies over 14 kilometers. So, we're very excited by the size of this footprint. We've done a lot more geophysical and geochemical analysis soil sampling, and we expect to have that information over the coming months, which should help show the exact prospectivity of this area and help us design our follow-up drill campaign for the future.

So that's been extremely exciting, as I mentioned, the high grade, the consistency, the structure, it has all the ingredients of a prolific gold discovery. It's nice to see that the market and the sophisticated analysts, with whom we're speaking, share our view in that regard.

And then on the other side of our business with our Golden Saddle deposit, which we're looking to grow, we've identified that the deposit is growing towards surface, which is very helpful for improving the already strong economics of that project. It's been significantly stepped out in a couple of directions. We've also identified high grade gold mineralization 750 meters to the west and up to two kilometers to the west, at very shallow depths. So, these are looking like areas where we can possibly add significant ounces to the deposit on that.

It’s very exciting! We have additional drilling information to come on all of those different properties, also on some of our earlier stage, regional prospects, on which we've done some work this year.

Dr. Allen Alper: That's excellent news. You're getting excellent results. You're well-funded and you're drilling and expanding your resource. That's really wonderful and you have such a great position and a great golden and white gold area of Yukon. So, that's all excellent. Our readers/investors will be very happy to hear all of that. What are the primary reasons our high-net-worth readers/investors should consider investing in White Gold Corp?

David D’Onofrio: Well, I think there are a number of good reasons.

We have a high-grade gold resource of over 1.2 million ounces that's growing, so that's real value in the ground in a district where mines are being built. Goldcorp said their Coffee mine will be operational during 2021 and we are right there. So this is an area that's being heavily invested in by majors. We have 2 major mining companies (Agnico and Kinross) that are already shareholders of White Gold that would be obvious people with whom we are working with to advance our assets to mine production or acquire outright.

We have the team, which found all these discoveries, back working with us. They have done it four times now in terms of having major discoveries. They see the data on the additional properties we have, in over 34 different properties, making up this big land package. They see the signatures and they think that there's more discoveries to come. Each time we have a new discovery, it gives them confidence in the prospectively of our additional properties. So there is an exceedingly high amount of blue sky potential, based on the fundamentals that we've seen that have led to other discoveries in this district very recently and with the same guys that have done it.

That's why we're so excited about what we have been finding and what we think we will continue to find in the future.

Dr. Allen Alper: Excellent! Compelling reasons for our high-net-worth readers/investors to invest in White Gold Corp. You and your team must be extremely happy with the results and the progress you are making toward even more. That's really excellent.

David D’Onofrio: Yes we are. Thank you.

Dr. Allen Alper: Is there anything else you would like to add, David?

David D’Onofrio: I want to thank you, Dr. Alper, for interviewing me for an article on White Gold Corp to appear in Metals News. We've done a tremendous amount of work this year. We'll have a significant amount of news going into the future. Stay tuned!

Dr. Allen Alper: That's excellent. We’ll publish your press releases as they come out so our readers/investors can follow your progress.

David D’Onofrio
Chief Executive Officer
White Gold Corp.
(416) 643-3880

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