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Dr. Alper Interviews Tom Drivas, President, CEO, Director and Founder of Appia Energy Corp.

on 3/2/2017
Tom Drivas, President, CEO, Director and Founder of Appia Energy Corp. exploration company looking for uranium and rare earth in the Athabasca Basin. Appia has promising projects in areas with strong infrastructure in place. Insiders hold approximately 64% of Appia. With an experienced management team and a good risk reward stock ratio, Appia should be closely watched. Appia trades on the CSE: “API” and in the USA, “APAAF.US OTC”, and in Germany “A0I.F”, “A0I.MU”,”A0I.BE”.

Dr. Allen Alper: This is Dr. Allen Alper, Editor-in-Chief of Metals News, talking with Tom Drivas, President, CEO, and Director of Appia Energy Corp. Could you tell us a little bit about your company and what you're doing?

Tom Drivas:

  • Appia Energy has a dual focus:
    • 1. exploration in high-grade uranium Athabasca Basin,
    • 2. development on its Elliot Lake Project

  • Appia’s Elliot Lake project contains NI 43-101 Compliant Resources
    • 8.0 M lbs U3O8 and 47.7 M lbs TREE Indicated,
    • 47.7 M lbs U3O8 and 133.2 M lbs TREE Inferred

  • Primary focus on the following Athabasca area projects;
    • Loranger – near surface, high grade uranium
    • Otherside – high grade uranium
    • Alces Lake – high-grade rare earths and uranium

  • Exploration headed by James Sykes, one of the world’s foremost uranium exploration geologists in the Athabasca Basin

  • Dr. Allen Alper: Sounds great. Sounds like you have some large holdings and you have an expert in Mr. Sykes to help you accomplish what you're planning to do. So what are your plans for 2017?

    Tom Drivas:
  • Appia recently completed four ground gravity surveys on its Loranger property (the “Property”) in the Athabasca Basin
  • Appia commenced a 2000 metre diamond drill hole program which will be directed by James Sykes, who has had direct and indirect involvement with the discovery of over 350 M lbs. U3O8 in five deposits in the Athabasca Basin.

  • Dr. Allen Alper: That sounds like an excellent approach. It sounds like you're in the right area and you have the right team. This should be a successful season for you. Looking forward to it. Dr. Allen Alper: Could you tell me a little bit more about your own background?

    Tom Drivas: I am a business entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in various industries, including over 20 years in the mineral resource industry. I am also the President and CEO of Romios Gold Resources Inc., a publicly traded company I founded in 1995 with mineral exploration properties in North America.

    Dr. Allen Alper: That's great. That's an excellent background. Can you tell me a little bit about your capital structure and your finances?

    Tom Drivas: As of close of business February 21, 2017 Appia had

    Shares outstanding (approx.)     50.5 million shares outstanding
    Management holdings (approx.)    64 %
    Market close     C$0.405
    Market Cap (approx.)     $20 million
    Cash on hand     $1.5 million
    Fully diluted     61.5 M shares
    Cash Fully diluted     C$4.7 Million

    Dr. Allen Alper: That's excellent. Could you tell me a little bit about why our readers and investors should invest in your company?

    Tom Drivas:

  • Appia has a strong management team and excellent properties
  • Immediate discovery potential on Loranger & Otherside projects, which share numerous geophysical and geological features with other known high-grade Athabasca uranium deposits
  • Exploration led by serially successful exploration geologist James Sykes, responsible for finding over 350 M lbs U3O8
  • Debt free with no property or option payment obligations
  • Exposure to rising uranium and rare earth prices with massive, low-grade Elliot Lake deposit
  • Focused to deliver shareholder return by not wasting resources on non-core projects

  • Dr. Allen Alper: Well, sounds like with the approach you have and the property you have you have a very good chance of discovering something significant. With the price of your shares so low, that might be a big opportunity for investors.

    Tom Drivas: We think it is an excellent opportunity for investors for the following reasons:

  • Appia’s Immediate discovery potential on Loranger & Otherside projects, which share numerous geophysical and geological features with other known high-grade Athabasca uranium deposits
  • Appia’s Alces Lake Property holds potential as well with the Alces Lake REE trenches ranking as the highest-grade REE known occurrence in the province of Saskatchewan, with grades that are comparable to those encountered in the world-class Steenkampskraal deposit, South Africa.
  • Appia’s 100% owned Elliot Lake uranium and rare earth property had $10 M in exploration work completed by Appia between 2007 and 2012 and has significant historical and NI 43-101 Resources on the project. It has extreme upside exposure to rising uranium and REO prices and significant potential to increase the size of the deposits as resources are open ended.

  • Dr. Allen Alper: Is there anything else you'd like to add that I haven't asked you about?

    Tom Drivas: Appia is exploring for shallow, high grade uranium, near infrastructure. This would result in low exploration and development costs, could be economically viable at very low uranium prices and could generate great returns for investors.

    Appia plans to advance its projects through strategic partnerships, joint venture opportunities, and project financing.

    Dr. Allen Alper: It sounds like a very interesting investment opportunity.

    Appia Energy Corp.
    2 Toronto St., Suite 500,
    Toronto, ON M5C 2B6
    Tel: 416 546-2707
    Fax: 416-218-9772

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