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AME Mineral Exploration Roundup 2017 Vancouver Convention Center East, Canada | January 23 - 27

on 1/20/2017

The AME Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference will take place at the Vancouver Convention Center East in Canada. The event that will be held from January 23 to 26 will be highly informative for the students and professionals related to the mineral exploration and development sector.

The AME Roundup 2017 conference will bring together experts from different fields who will share insightful information and ideas that will shape the mineral sector in the coming years. The speakers of the conference consist of several eminent personalities related to the mineral industry. Some of the dignitaries that will grace their presence at the conference include such well-known names in the industry as Don Lindsay, President and CEO of Trek Resources Ltd., Dave Porter, CEO of BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council, Terry MacGibbon, Executive Chairman TMAC Resources, Gwen Preston, Founder of Resource Maven, David Garofalo, President and CEO of GOLDCORP, and many others.

Since the mineral and exploration industry is experiencing a downturn at the moment, the speakers will reflect on the importance of networking and relationship building with partners, competitors, and stakeholders. The current reality is that minerals deposits are increasingly becoming harder to discover. Searching for the deposits requires searching deeper beneath the sea and travelling to remote locations. The problem is aggravated by the challenging market conditions that have necessitated exploring creating solutions and increased collaboration for the development of mineral resources. The speakers of the AME Roundup 2017 will shed light on their experiences and insights in order to meet these and other current challenges in the mineral sector.

The aim of the AME Roundup 2017 conference is to generate new ideas, create connections, and discover creative solutions to the current problems. The technical session of the conference will highlight the existing projects that have successfully overcome the challenges and also the techniques that were used to achieve success.

The conference is being organized by AME that is the leasing association related to the mineral exploration and development sector. The company promotes the interest of members that are engaged in mineral exploration activities in Canada and abroad.

The AME Mineral Exploration Roundup 2017 conference will be held at Vancouver Convention Center East in Vancouver, British Columbia. The timing of the event will be from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Details about the conference fees can be found online.

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