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Prospect Ridge Resources Mining Exploration in B.C.'s Bowser Lake and Hazelton Groups Rock Geology

on 4/21/2023

With multiple M&A activities in Canada's Northern British Columbia in 2023, mining activity in B.C. is heating up, especially in regions containing Bowser Lake Group and Hazelton Group rock geology. Bringing their long history of success in the mining industry, our next guests have a new B.C. mining project that has caught their attention. Prospect Ridge Resources' new CEO Michael Iverson and President Yan Ducharme discuss what compelled them to join their latest exploration venture searching for gold, copper and silver just south, outside British Columbia's Golden Triangle.

Video Timestamps

  • 0:31 - Introduction to CEO Michael Iverson and President Yan Ducharme of Prospect Ridge Resources
  • 0:52 - Mike Iverson's 25+ year successful background in mining
  • 1:46 - Prospect Ridge Resources' unique mining opportunity with Bowser and Hazelton Group rock geology
  • 3:44 - Prospect Ridge Resource President Yan Ducharme's 25+ year career history of successful mining projects
  • 5:34 - CEO Mike Iverson discusses Knauss Creek Property's exploration opportunity near Terrace, B.C.
  • 6:59 - President Yan Ducharme talks about the different mining zones within Knauss Creek
  • 7:33 - Dorreen Mine gold mining project in British Columbia 1914 to 1952
  • 8:10 - Copper Ridge, British Columbia, high copper, gold, and silver mining opportunity
  • 9:01 - Kandy Showing B.C. Bowser Lake Group shales and Hazelton Group volcano-sedimentary rocks
  • 9:34 - Prospect Ridge Resources Holy Grail Property
  • 9:43 - Bowser Lake Group and Hazelton Group rock mining geology in British Columbia
  • 10:31 - Prospect Ridge Resources' 2023 Forecast
  • Learn more about Prospect Ridge Resources Corporation at the following website:

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