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Classic Minerals Ltd (ASX:CLZ) Mining of Bulk Sample Approved
Classic Minerals Limited (ASX:CLZ) is pleased to announce it has achieved all required approvals for mining a bulk sample of ore that will assist in calibration of mining and metallurgy parameters prior to full-scale mining and production from its 100% owned Kat Gap Gold Project. This trial pit will further de-risk the Project and give the Company and its investors increased confidence in executing the greater mining operation.

Three (3) key reasons for undertaking this Bulk Sampling (trial pit) operation are as follows:

1. Metallurgical verification. Bulk sampling will give the Company the opportunity to test and fine tune the Gekko plant (see Announcement, "Classic Commences Delivery of Gekko Plant to Kat Gap", 25th May 2021) prior to full scale production.

2. Mine engineering data. A trial pit will give the geological and engineering teams the ability to measure structural data firsthand from the walls and floor of the test pit. This additional data will allow selection of the best geotechnical parameters to maximise safety and minimize strip ratios. Realistic dilution and ore loss parameters will also be gleaned. This will assist project economics when full scale mining commences.

3. Geological data. The trial pit will allow direct structural measurements to be taken of exposed gold mineralisation. Trial mining may also shed light on the presence and attitude of additional lodes that could be targeted for increases to resource inventory, which in turn could have a positive effect on project economics. Grade distribution can also be studied to determine how varying grade models stand up to results of the trial, allowing optimisation of both modelling and drilling activities.

To view figures, please visit:

Classic Minerals Ltd
T: +61-8-6305-0221

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