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Pyx Resources Limited (NSX:PYX) Starts Supplying to Fused Zirconia Industry
PYX Resources Limited (NSX:PYX) announces today that it has secured new business with Fujian Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd (Fujian Sanxiang), a leading producer of fused zirconia based in China. Fused zirconia is a crucial raw material for the production of zirconium metal, which has important applications in nuclear power and aerospace. The production of fused zirconia requires premium zircon.

Currently, the majority of zircon is mined in Australia and Africa, with global production in excess of one million tonnes per annum. China is the largest consumer of zircon, accounting for almost half the global consumption, with other significant consuming regions including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and India. The supply by PYX of zircon in this important niche market represents a new market opportunity. It comes at a particularly important time given the general lack of supply of premium zircon, specifically as a result of supply issues in South Africa, and a lack of inventories in China.

Fujian Sanxiang's products cover three major areas: fused zirconia, cast modified materials, and single crystal fused aluminium, together extending to more than 100 products. Fujian Sanxiang expressed particular interest in PYX's zircon due to its low AI2O3 of under 0.2%. This stands in stark comparison to other zircon available on the market, which is typically > 0.5%. In addition, the uranium + thorium content of the Company's zircon is less than 450ppm, making it ideal for producing fused zirconia.

Fused zirconia has a number of complex properties which makes it suitable for a range of applications. It is stable at high temperatures and maintains consistency of its physical and chemical characteristics. It offers superior thermal resistance, has high corrosion resistance, high chemical inertness, a very high melting point, high hardness, and a high refractive index, which allows it to be used in innovative applications and sectors that use cutting-edge technology such as the defence, energy and electric car industries.

As such, fused zirconia is utilized in refractories used in the production of steel and glass products, ceramic colours and glazes, abrasive substances, and investment casting. Some special applications include friction products in the auto industry, technical ceramics and electronics, and zirconium metal and alloys for structural parts for reactors in the nuclear industry.

PYX's sales to Fujian Sanxiang were secured through Wogen Pacific Ltd, a subsidiary of the Wogen Group, a leading international trader of off-exchange specialty metals and minerals around the world.

PYX's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Hasler, said: "I am delighted that PYX's premium zircon meets the high-quality specifications required by the fused zirconia industry; only very few mines in the world can supply this grade and it is pleasing that we can. Problems in the traditional supply from South Africa have made this grade even more sought after."
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