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PDAC International Convention 2017 Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada | March 5 - 8

on 2/6/2017

PDAC International Convention 2017 that will take place from March 5 to 8 in Toronto will be one of the largest gatherings of professionals, companies, and attendees connected to the energy and finance sector. The conference will give a chance for you to meet a large number of exhibitors and attendees from different parts of the world. Moreover, you can also take part in short courses, technical sessions, and networking events that will take place at the conference.


The 4-day annual convention is held every year that has grown in stature, size, and exposure over the years. Today the conference is regarded as an important event by mineral and finance industry professionals all over the world.


The PDAC International Convention 2017 will be attended by senior mining executives, brokers and analysts, government representatives, and retail and institutional investors. The presentations at the conference will be made by highly experienced dignitaries hailing from different industries. The professional speakers will give exploration insights and best practices related to the mineral industry. Well-known speakers that will share their insights during the conference include Alan Smithson or MetaVRse, John Gingerich of Prolithic Capital Markets LLC., Mehmet F. Taner of Taner and Associates, Adam Simon of University of Michigan, and Joshua Bailey of Wallbridge Mining Company Limited.


The speakers will reveal latest insights into the vanadium industry, application of augmented and virtual reality in the mining sector, metallogeny and lode gold deposits, and many more insightful topics.


Highlights of the PDAC International Convention 2017


A highlight of the conference includes the Investors Exchange Exhibit Space that will appeal to companies that want to exhibit their business ideas and seek new opportunities for the joint venture, expansion plans, and property acquisitions. It offers a huge opportunity for small and large exploration, mining, and production companies to meet with individual investors and seek potential business opportunities.


Another highlight of the conference includes the Core Shack that will be located in the Investors Exchange Exhibit Space. The core shack booths serve as a center stage for drilling projects that are generating exciting results.


At the core shack, companies can display core exploration projects that can be historic, ongoing, or recently initiated by the management. The companies can share the results of the operating or historic mines with the interested attendees.


The core shack booths are different than the exhibit stage at the Investors Exchange. The companies at the core shack booth will focus on the technical aspects of the projects including how they have advanced after inception.


The PDAC selection committee will review all applications for the core shack exhibit. The applicant will be judged based on the merit of the project instead of first-come, first-serve basis. No fees are charged for the exhibit at the core shack due to which the demand is high for the booths.


The core shack booth will be divided into two-day session. The successful applicant will be assigned an exhibit space in either the first or the second session. The first session will run from March 5 to 6, while the second session will take place from March 7 to 8.


The third important aspect of the PDAC International Convention 2017 is the Corporate Presentation Forum for Investor. The main objective of this forum is to allow companies to address the investors and advertise the scope of projects and their stage of development.


Each company will be allowed to give a 15-minute presentation detailing the most recent activities to the investors. The forum is open for all companies that have qualified to take part in the Investors Exchange exhibit irrespective of whether they have been assigned an exhibit space. The selection company will select companies for the Corporate Presentation forum based on active projects with a net flow of interest to the investors, publicly traded corporation, and emerging companies that are not on the radar of investors but that show great potential.


The Trade Show at the PDAC International Conference 2017 will be of special interest for the private and public companies. The trade show offers an opportunity for the firms to display the latest technology, services, projects, and also to meet face-to-face with the C-level executives and other decision makers. The aim of the trade show is to promote awareness of a project or service on a global scale. Exhibitors of the trade show include consulting services, air transportation services, drilling equipment services, and mineral exploration and mining companies.


The PDAC International Conference 2017 will facilitate dialogue and peer learning on several different key issues. The event provides a great opportunity for the companies to gain worldwide visibility, seek investors to launch a product, announce about recent findings, present a workshop, and explore networking opportunities.


At the end of the four days at the mineral exploration and investment convention, the guests can attend a gala party where they can network, gossip, and enjoy listening to the chart-topping tones of the Fave Murphy Band.


About the Organizer of the Event


The International Convention 2017 is organized by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) that is one of the leading voice of the mineral resources sector. The company has over 8,000 members located all over the world. The company’s objective includes promoting a vibrant, sustainable, and globally responsible mineral industry. Being a trusted representative of the mining industry, the company aims to promote best practices in operational, technical, safety, environmental, and social performance.


PDAC that is the organizer of the International Convention 2017 is run by 16 committees, a 48-member Board of Directors, and a permanent team of industry professionals. The company focuses much of its resources and efforts in access to land and capital as well as aboriginal affairs. A lot of attention is also allocated to taxation, finance, corporate social responsibility (CSR), student initiatives, communication human resources, and public affairs.


The PDAC International Convention 2017 conference will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto Canada. Additional details about the conference fees can be found online . Last date of registering for the event is February 3, 2017.

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